Los Volcanes, born in 1980, was named after the eruption of Mt. St. Helens. The band leader Eddie Rodriguez, a native of Brownsville, Texas came up with the idea of bringing Tejano music to the Pacific Northwest. The band was originally formed as a four piece Conjunto Traditional Tejano Band, with the leader Eddie Rodriguez playing accordion and lead vocals.
    Los Volcanes have since then gone through many changes in personnel. Los Volcanes currently consist of a five piece group. Eddie Rodriguez: accordion and lead vocals. Gilbert Rodriguez: vocals and percussion. David Olivares: bajo sexto. David Chaires: bass guitar. Sean Rodriguez: drums and percussion.
    While going through many changes in styles of music through the years, Los Volcanes have also explored and mastered many different types of music such as, Banda, Tropical, Norteño and Country music. Los Volcanes have done many shows in the Pacific Northwest including Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California. They continue to be one of the top Tejano acts in the Northwest. So if you hear on the radio that Los Volcanes will be in your town, or if you see the Big Red Monster Bus in your town make sure to witness the eruption for yourselves....

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