American designer Ulla Johnson has partnered with the archive for a resale program

The womenswear brand has partnered with the Ulla Johnson Archive, which offers customized resale capabilities for the most innovative fashion brands, to launch Ulla Johnson Preloved. The new program represents their first-of-its-kind offering that brings personalization and clientisation to the resale experience, including a ‘Heart’s Desire’ feature that allows customers to request Ulla’s team to search for ‘ones gone far’ from the past. season and ‘Ulla’s Archive’, featuring pieces from the designer’s personal collection, with sales proceeds going to Dress for Success, a global non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women.

“We’re thrilled to launch Ulla Johnson Preloved in partnership with Archive and give our customers access to sought-after pieces from past and present seasons, including items from my own closet,” said Ulla Johnson, founder and creative director of the Ulla Johnson brand. “The breadth of Archive’s offerings and the ease of integration have enabled us to create a one-of-a-kind program that feels authentic to the Ulla brand and one we can grow into in the future.”

Ulla Johnson takes a step towards sustainable fashion by partnering with Archive to launch Ulla Johnson Preloved. It not only allows customers to access sought-after pieces from past seasons but also includes personalization and clientalization. The “Heart’s Desire” feature is a unique touch that allows customers to request items they’ve missed.

As consumer demand for resale grows, Archive is enabling leading brands to easily incorporate customized, branded resale experiences into their businesses to drive revenue, customer acquisition and loyalty. The company supports a variety of resale models that innovative brands like Ulla Johnson can quickly launch as they scale their re-commerce programs.

The Ulla Johnson Pre-Loved program enables the brand to extend the life of its thoughtfully crafted ready-to-wear pieces and accessories and deepen its commitment to making fashion more sustainable and ethical. The program is initially launching as a peer-to-peer offering that enables customers to easily list their secondhand items and then relies on Archive’s technology to automatically add brand-approved photographs and item descriptions. Sellers have the option of redeeming their proceeds for cash or credit that they can use toward their next Ulla Johnson purchase, the brand said in a press release.

“Ulla Johnson is an inspiring designer who creates ‘future heirlooms’ that are crafted with care and built to last many lives,” said Emily Gittins, CEO and co-founder of Archive. “We are extremely proud to partner with her to launch a customized resale program that gives shoppers an easy way to buy and sell their favorite Ulla Johnson items and, ultimately, help create a more circular fashion economy.”

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G-Star has launched the world’s first AI-designed denim collection

The world’s first fashion brand to come to life with an AI-generated design AI Denim Cape.

Brands continue to explore the possibilities of AI-generated fashion. Denim experts G-Star RAW Taking things to the next level, as the first fashion retailer to take an AI-generated design out of the curtain and into the workshop. The result is a unique piece of denim couture, which shows how AI is being used in the real world.

to create innovative garments, called “AI Denim Cape,” G-Star RAW’s core design team worked together with artificial intelligence app Midjourney to come up with 12 unique designs, using a series of prompts. The 12 result concept is a unique combination of cutting-edge technology and timeless design.

An AI-generated concept was then chosen to be brought to life by hand in the G-Star atelier – resulting in an original RAW denim couture piece. Crafted from premium raw denim and featuring a futuristic 3D ‘G’ shape on the arms, an adjustable waistband, detailed stitching pattern on the chest and subtle G-Star branding on the inner left, the AI ​​Denim Cape combines new age technology with G. Star’s signature design aesthetic. As a one-of-a-kind garment, it showcases G-Star’s denim prowess and precision craftsmanship. Crafts that only humans can do.

From chat GPT to midjourney, artificial intelligence is quickly becoming essential to work and life. Yet, rather than seeing AI as a competitor, G-Star RAW embraces it as a creative collaborator – using artificial intelligence to push the limits of denim design in an innovative partnership between technology and human craft.

Gwenda van Vliet, CMO of G-Star RAW said, “Innovation is in the G-Star DNA. We believe in giving our fashion designers the freedom to realize their dreams through AI.” “While anyone can create a design using AI, at G-Star RAW, we have the artisans to turn those designs into real garments. We should see AI as an extension of the creative process, rather than taking over.”

The newly designed AI Denim Cape will finally appear at the G-Star RAW Antwerp store in Belgium, as the world’s first garment designed and actually manufactured by artificial intelligence.

Global brand Trace Network Labs launches Fashion Metaverse Paris

Global metaverse brand Trace Network Labs has launched Paris, a fully functional and next-generation fashion and lifestyle metaverse that connects the real and virtual worlds. Pariz was launched today in Mumbai at Techsparks, one of India’s most influential startup-tech events organized by YourStory, a media platform dedicated to the startup ecosystem.

Built with an adoption-centric focus to move e-commerce into the metaverse, Paris aims to bring life-like experiences that will enable shopping, entertainment and commerce to the metaverse. It will have virtual spaces that cater to fashion brands, businesses, influencers, artists, designers, event organizers, users in general.

Trace Network Labs launched Paris, a fashion and lifestyle metaverse that connects the real and virtual worlds, with virtual spaces for fashion, events and social activities. Metaverse incorporates state-of-the-art 3D and VR technology. Paris allows buy-in-the-metaverse and home delivery, changing a paradigm in the way people shop.

Virtual spaces in Paris serve a variety of purposes. One such space is the shopping district, where global fashion brands can showcase and sell their latest digital fashion-wear collections. Another space is Events, where brands, influencers, artists and designers can organize events like fashion shows, fireside chats, panel discussions and more. A lounge is a personalized experience zone that serves as an alternative to physical meetings in clubs or conference rooms, as well as video conferencing tools such as GMeet or Zoom. Finally, the Social District is a dedicated social space in Paris where users can catch a movie, have a red-carpet moment, attend a music concert, and more.

Built on a blend of cutting-edge, open and proprietary technologies, including immersive 3D and VR technologies, Trace Network’s Paris Metaverse is committed to revolutionizing the way people shop, work, play and socialize.

The event is showcasing an exclusive launch of the brand store at Metaverse. The brand stores in Paris will offer an immersive, interactive shopping experience in a virtual setup with an e-commerce element. This will enable the concept of ‘Buy on Metaverse, Deliver to Home’, completing the discovery-to-delivery cycle of online commerce on Metaverse.

This metaverse-to-home service is unique and will bring a paradigm shift in the way e-commerce will work in the future. The days of infinite 2D scrolling for products are coming to an end, as one can now enter an e-commerce store in Metaverse, walk around, do window shopping, try the product, buy it and then have it delivered at home.

“With Paris Metaverse, we are creating a one-stop destination for young audiences to engage and experience fashion in virtual gamified worlds, or Paris Metaverse. In addition to fashion and lifestyle shopping, Metaverse will include spaces for events, social districts and a 24×7 lounge for community interaction. With these spaces, Paris will encourage brands, influencers, projects, artists, users and more to host their own cultural events and lounges,” said Lokesh Rao, Co-Founder and CEO, Trace Network Labs.

The Paris launch of Trace Network coincides with the grand launch of 4 brand stores from Madame, Da Milano Italia, Jivame and Aditya Birla’s Style Up. Created in partnership with Trace, these brands are opening their virtual stores for business at Techsparks from today

Each Metaverse store of the above brands is carefully designed, creating an atmosphere of luxury and convenience. Customers of the brand can enjoy the latest collections and products from the Metaverse store, as well as access exclusive offers, promotions and events run on Metaverse.

“Thrilled to partner with Trace Networks to launch our brand store in Paris. As a premier Indian luxury womenswear brand, we are committed to catering to women with diverse styles and personalities, and Metaverse aims to provide online GenZ shoppers with a chic shopping experience,” said Akhil Jain, CEO of Jain Amar, owns Madam, India’s leading women’s western wear fashion brand.

“As India’s leading intimate wear brand for women, we are committed to empowering women and promoting body positivity, and we believe that Paris Metaverse is the perfect platform to bring our brand values ​​to life in a new dimension,” she said, “Our own brand in vibrant Paris. To launch the store, because we aim to cater to different personalities and styles, especially Gen Z online female shoppers. Richa Kar, Founder, Jivame.

“As a brand that reflects innovation, modernity and luxury, we are excited to take our commitment to Italian design and craftsmanship into the virtual world. Our brand store at Paris Metaverse will provide a truly immersive and seamless shopping experience to our customers, especially the Z Z audience,” said Shivani De Mallick, Marketing Director, Da Milano Italia.

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Bulgari teams up with Philips for the new Octo Finissimo

From JustLuxe content partner iW Magazine

As the Bulgari Octo Finissimo celebrates its ten-year anniversary, the design conglomerate and Philips auction house have teamed up to create the Octo Finissimo Special Edition Philips in Association with Backs & Russo, a limited edition model that echoes the collection’s monochrome dial, slim octagonal case, and symmetrical design. material.

Bulgari Octo Finissimo Special Edition Phillips in association with Backs and Russo.

As Bulgari designs always refer to Roman architecture, the new special edition also retains the Roman sense of geometric symmetry. Thus, around the center of the sand-blasted titanium dial, you’ll find a symmetrical set of engraved markers whose pattern is only broken by 12 and 6. The new watch does away with the seconds subdial found in the historic Octo Finissimo design, a decision that highlights the full round dial within the eight-sided case.

“With this sectored dial design, our aim was to create a symmetry and pay homage not only to Bulgari’s Italian roots, but also to the great Italian architects and designers of the 20th century,” explains Aurel Backes, Senior Consultant, Backes & Russo.

“Eschewing the small seconds counter, a first for this model, we wanted to draw focus on the engraved dial with its large numerals and chapter ring whose color swings from black to gray to bronze depending on the light.”

The slim 40mm case and bracelet are finished in sand-blasted titanium to match the dial.

Bulgari’s BVL 138 movement with a platinum micro-rotor (visible from the case back) powers the watch, giving an impressive 60-hour power reserve. The watch will be sold as a limited edition of fifty pieces through Philips Watches.

Price: $16,600.


Octo Finissimo Special Edition Phillips in association with Bacchus and Rousseau (Ref. 103709)

Movement: Extra-flat mechanical self-winding with platinum micro-rotor, caliber BVL 138 (2.23 mm thick); 60-hour power reserve; Frequency 21,600 vph (3 Hz).

Case: 40 mm sand-blasted 40 mm titanium, transparent case with special engraving on the sapphire crystal on the reverse, water-resistant to 30 meters.

Dial: Laser-etched sand-blasted titanium.

Bracelet: Sandblasted titanium with integrated folding clasp.

Price: $16,600

France’s Kering has pledged to cut absolute emissions by up to 40% by 2035

French luxury brand Kering has announced a commitment to reduce its total greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2035 over a 2021 baseline. The company’s new aim to cover Scopes 1, 2, and 3 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol was revealed ahead of the release of Kering’s 2020-2023 Sustainability Progress Report, six years ahead of the group’s ‘Crafting Tomorrow’s Luxury’ strategy.

Kering’s new reduction target in absolute terms represents the next necessary step to accelerate the implementation of the group’s vision of modern and responsible luxury, complemented by the evolution of its sustainability strategy, the brand said in a press release.

Kering has committed to reducing its total greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2035, based on a 2021 baseline. The company’s new targets cover scopes 1, 2, and 3 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Kering has enhanced its original social and environmental goals with strategies dedicated to climate, biodiversity and circularity.

Over the past three years, Kering has not only continued to make significant progress toward achieving its original social and environmental 2025 goals, but also enhanced them with a series of ambitious new goals. Under the strategies dedicated to climate, biodiversity and circularity, these additional goals, combined with Kering’s new absolute goals and its historical objectives, will continue to transform the group’s business model.

“Kering and our houses have made significant progress towards reaching our sustainability goals over the past years, and in parallel, we have raised our ambitions,” said François-Henri Pinault, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kering. “Now we are setting these new absolute targets across Scopes 1, 2, and 3 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, because, if we are to truly decarbonize our global businesses, we must move from a reduction in carbon intensity to an absolute reduction. I am convinced that impact reduction in absolute terms combined with value creation must be the next horizon for truly sustainable companies.”

“To match our long-term vision to help drive the sustainability agenda in luxury and fashion, we continue to develop our sustainability strategy. Setting a target to reduce our total absolute emissions will support our group’s decarbonisation, while we continue to align with a 1.5° pathway. It unites our souls perfectly; We never stop moving forward, and when our sustainability goals are in sight, we push the benchmark even further,” said Marie-Claire Daveau, Kering’s Chief Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Officer.

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TAG Heuer has launched the Retro Gold Carrera

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TAG Heuer has launched a special edition, gold-cased Carrera chronograph with a first dial design that echoes the famous Heuer reference 1158 CHN. Collectors can also spy a two-tone color palette of the John Player Special livery from Formula 1 in the 1970s and 1980s.

New 18-carat gold TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph.

The new TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph features a 42mm yellow gold case with matching gold pushers and crown. Its impressive black sunburst brushed dial plays beautifully with the prominent gilded dial elements.

The most spectacular of these elements are the two gilded gold chronograph sub-dials at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. TAG Heuer also plates the matching hands and indexes with yellow gold to heighten the retro luxury factor of the entire piece.

Through the clear sapphire back, TAG Heuer displays its own Caliber Heuer 02, equipped with a customized black oscillating mass. With a vertical clutch and column wheel, the movement offers a power reserve of an impressive eighty hours. Finally, TAG Heuer matches the gold watch with a black alligator strap with a gold pin buckle.

Price: $21,500.

Les Petits launches new store in Hyderabad, India

Luxury kidswear brand Les Petits has strengthened its foothold in the South Indian market with the launch of its store in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. The store was launched on March 17, 2023 and marks the brand’s first presence in Hyderabad and at the same time taking the total number of stores in India to four.

With the opening of the new store, Les Petits is set to offer a fine range of children’s products from leading international brands such as Versace, Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, and Nuna to name a few, Les Petits said in a statement. Press release

Luxury kidswear brand Les Petits has opened its first store in Hyderabad, taking its total number of stores in India to four. The store will offer an array of luxury children’s products from international brands such as Versace, Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and Nuna. The store was inaugurated by writer Anju Poddar and art curator Pinky Reddy.

The store was launched with the aim of making luxury fashion shopping convenient for parents and their children. It is set to create a differentiated shopping experience by offering a wide range of luxury kids products from world-class brands under one single roof. Customers will be able to experience the international brand first-hand at the store. Gaining a lot of traction from the southern market, the brand decided to bring a new store in Hyderabad to cater to the city’s emerging high-end fashion demand.

“Watching the brand grow by leaps and bounds has been overwhelming for me. Already having a presence in Delhi and Mumbai, the opening of the fourth store marks the achievement of yet another milestone In recent years, after Delhi and Mumbai, Hyderabad has been recognized as a growing fashion destination. The city has developed a sense of fashion and consumers are easily experimenting with new styles which eventually make their way into children’s wear as well. Similarly, the city’s inherent potential in stimulating the premium kidswear segment augurs well for the brand’s proposition of providing end-to-end luxury fashion products for children,” said Swati Saraf, President, Les Petits.

The store was inaugurated by writer Anju Poddar and Pinky Reddy, art curator and former National President of FICCI Ladies Organization.

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Piaget adds moonphase to the Altiplano

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Piaget enhances its ultra-slim Altiplano collection with a set of four artisan Metiers d’Art Altiplano moonphase watches, each featuring a translucent blue enamel sky created by master enameller Anita Porchet.

Four new Piaget Métiers d’art Altiplano Moonphase watches, each representing a different season.

Four Métiers d’art Altiplano Moonphase watches showcase the Chinese constellations, each represented by small white dots and precious stones. At night, the hidden SuperLumiNova-coated artwork illuminates to reveal the moon and the ‘Guardian’ constellation of the seasons.

Each of the four models is associated with a different guardian of the seasons: the Azure Dragon stands for the East and is associated with spring and wood; The red bird, representing the south, is near summer and fire; The white tiger, facing west, is the friend of autumn and finally, a black turtle (for the north) represents winter.

On the lower half of each watch, Piaget displays a moonbeam set with graduated diamonds, sapphires and garnets. The large moon phase display features a gold ring set and a moon window with graduated diamonds. Each 36mm watch is cased in white gold or rose gold with a baguette diamond bezel.

After two years in the works, the new models are among the first models in the Altiplano collection to feature a moon phase display. Two additional models, each with mother-of-pearl dials, also debut moon phase displays within the Altiplano.

Piaget powers the new series with its 580P Altiplano Manufacture automatic mechanical movement. At the back, you’ll find a deep blue-lacquered moon-shaped oscillating weight.

Each season of the Piaget Métiers d’art Altiplano Moonphase is a limited edition of eight individually numbered timepieces.

Price: $147,000.

Fashion has the power to drive sustainability: Japanese designer Konishi

New York-based Japanese designer and sustainability researcher Sho Konishi was invited to a panel discussion on ‘Sustainability and Education in the Fashion Business’ at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo 2023 A/W on March 16, 2023. At the event, Konishi sent a message of support for a global movement to promote sustainability, saying “fashion has the power” to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The panel discussion was held on the first day of the biennial parade’s special exhibition on fashion and sustainability at the official venue. The Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFWO) is promoting ‘SDGs that fashion can do’ through various projects from the 22 S/S season, the organization said in a press release.

“I really think fashion has the power to capture people’s attention, and the SDGs need that,” Konishi said in an interview after the event. “I am a fashion designer (and) at the same time an activist for sustainability. If sustainability helps other people, I want to continue working towards it.”

Japanese designer Sho Konishi spoke at a panel discussion on ‘Sustainability and Education in the Fashion Business’ during Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo 2023 A/W. Konishi emphasizes the power of fashion to promote the SDGs and expresses her support for promoting sustainability. JFWO 22 is promoting ‘SDGs that fashion can do’ from the S/S season.

Konishi wore an oversized suit made of a sustainable material called Zero-Tex, which is made using a technology to reduce CO2 emissions.

Akihide Nishikawa, CEO of textile manufacturer Yamagin Inc.which created Zero-Tex, said at the event that the fashion industry is often criticized for being environmentally unfriendly.

“We want to stop (the criticism). Fashion is not bad. Fashion is fun. Fashion should last forever. We will continue to take steps for this,” Nishikawa said.

The clothing, made by Zero-Tex and designed by Chiko Ikegami, Yuri Ikegaya, and Risa Fugetsu, a fashion design student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, was displayed in the exhibition room until March 18.

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Armin Strom’s Mirrored Force blues Resonance

From JustLuxe content partner iW Magazine

A year after pioneering independent watchmaker Armin Ström launched a redesigned, sleeker Mirrored Force Resonance, the Swiss-based manufacturer has introduced a new version, the Mirrored Force Resonance Manufacture Edition Blue, with a specially textured blue dial and matching Alcantara strap.

New Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance Manufacture Edition Blue.

The new iteration of the watch, first introduced by Armin Strom in 2016, is still one of the few consistent watch designs to boast a resonance-based control system. The new series is a limited edition of fifty pieces with new blue accents that serve to highlight the three-dimensional display of the dial.

The new dark blue off-center dial matches the twin resonance seconds counters, both finished in the same blue tone and painted with white numerals. The open-worked seconds dials (with their triple-hands) can be reset at 2 o’clock by pushers.

Top-off in new blue ‘Grenage’ finish.

These new colored components, unusual enough on any dial, share space with another component not seen in any other resonance-based construction: a one-piece steel resonance clutch spring.

Armon Strom’s signature creation essentially transfers energy between both hair springs and quickly brings the balance wheel into resonance.

Caliber ARF21, showing bas-relief engraved text on back.

This new watch retains the design’s 43mm by 11.55 steel case and raised sapphire crystal. On the back, Armin Ström engraved — in bas-relief — the main plate with technical details and characteristics of the mirrored force resonance mechanism.

To complete the blue theme, Armin Strom offers the Mirrored Force Resonance Manufacture Manufacture Edition Blue on a dark blue Alcantara strap.

Price: $63,000

Specifications: Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance Manufacture Edition Blue

(Reference No. ST22-RF.05 limited to 50 pieces)

Movement: Armin Strom manufactures the Caliber ARF21, manual winding with two independent control systems linked by a resonance clutch spring. Power reserve: 48 hours.

Case: 43 mm by 11.55 mm stainless steel, raised sapphire crystal, and case back with anti-reflective treatment. 30 meters water resistance.

Dial: with dark blue Grenage Center and a circular satin-brushed chapter ring and applied polished baton indexes. Hands: Steel, made by Armin Strom, hand decorated.

strap: Dark blue Alcantara with white stitching and double folding clasp in stainless steel.

Price: $63,000