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MetaJuice extends Auroboros & Grimes’ Decentraland experience to IMVU

MetaJuice, the blockchain company that is unlocking the value of Metavers, recently teamed up with Auroboros for the first Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentland, where Aroboros closed the multi-day event with a virtual performance from superstar Grimes. The company has expanded its experience to IMVU, the world’s largest social metavers.

During the show, Auroboros and MetaJuice dropped POAPs that serve as a digital record held by collectors as digital evidence that they attended or participated in a physical or virtual event. This POAP unlocks a unique IMVU wearable access inspired by Grimes performance. Wearable owners can wear it in their avatar directly on IMVU, beyond Metavers World, the companies said in a joint media release.

“MetaJuice is paving the way for interoperability between metaverse spaces, and peeking into what’s going to happen. We’re excited to give users the opportunity to explore other worlds without interruption,” he said. Nancy Beaton, senior vice president of strategy and blockchain at Metajus and Together Labs. “When we created MetaJuice, we envisioned unlimited opportunities for users to earn, socialize, play and collect what they love, and it’s exciting to see this vision realized through this partnership.”

MetaJuice, the blockchain company that is unlocking the value of Metavers, recently teamed up with Auroboros for the first Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentland, where Aroboros closed the multi-day event with a virtual performance from superstar Grimes. The company has expanded its experience to IMVU, the world’s largest social metavers.

IMVU is not unfamiliar with the digital fashion showcase. Last year, IMVU launched its own digital fashion and NFT showcase event to showcase the creative styles, collections and designs of top fashion designers, including Colina Strada, Mowalola, Gypsy Sport, Frick City, Mimi Wade, My Mom Made It and Bruce Glenn. . , All in collaboration with the creators of the IMVU community.

“Fashion is incredibly important and is a primary way for users to express themselves on Metaverse,” he said. VP Marketing for Maura Welch, IMVU / Together Labs. “We are thrilled to be working with Grimes and Auroboros to provide an exciting, rewarding interoperable brand experience that integrates seamlessly with our community.”

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Taipei Fashion Week unveils sustainable collections with new designers

Taipei Fashion Week recently launched the Autumn / Winter 2022 season with Taipei Sustainable Collections, a group show featuring six young designers dedicated to sustainable fashion design. Now in its second season, the Taipei Sustainable Collection matches Taiwan’s top textile factory with designers who possess the humanity-first approach to design.

The show’s goal is twofold: to showcase Taiwan’s strength as a global hub for innovative eco-friendly textile production, while providing a vision of creative potential in sustainable fashion. Dedicated to the environment, Taiwan hopes to showcase its productive forces and offer its revolutionary textiles to global designers so that we can all move forward with less burden on Earth, according to a press release on the show.

Responding to the problem of climate change, C JEAN has collected recycled fiber and plant-derived polyester from New Wide to create sportswear designs. With 6 seasons to include durable materials in its design, DYCTEAM continues to diversify its textiles with recycled polymide from Formosa Taffeta Co., made from oyster farming. Sung Yu Chan has developed modern streetwear made from recyclable sea waste and gas waste from steel plants of the Far Eastern New Century Corporation.

Taipei Fashion Week recently launched the Autumn / Winter 2022 season with Taipei Sustainable Collections, a group show featuring six young designers dedicated to sustainable fashion design. Now in its second season, the Taipei Sustainable Collection matches Taiwan’s top textile factory with designers who possess the humanity-first approach to design.

Based on a sea breeding theme, OqLiq uses recycled materials from Everest Textile, including oyster shell powder, seaweed, and fishing nets for urban outdoor style. Inspired by the beautiful scenery and local craftsmanship of the East Rift Valley, UUIN has used Eclat Textile fabrics in a non-chemical process for their aesthetic creation. Weavism continues its focus on sustainable environmental protection, including Lee Peng Enterprise’s ReEcoya, a rain-resistant, water-saving and carbon-emitting textile for bold and graphic design.

Taiwanese manufacturing factories and young designers are working to create a connection between technology, industry and beautiful new designs. Each brand examines the relationship between environment, production and social responsibility while developing their creative aesthetics. From start to finish, the event highlights the relationship between sustainability, art and design. Artist Timo Helgart has created an official website and main visuals for invitations centering on a theme of a world balanced with nature.

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US ‘Neiman Marcus Group has halved its inventory of wool

Wool inventory levels across Neiman Marcus Group (NMG) have dropped by more than half, and the company plans to continue reducing receipts over the next year. To educate clients about fur alternatives, NMG has launched several new sustainable and ethical product options in luxury stores aimed at satisfying the discerning tastes of luxury customers.

NMG has adopted a new animal welfare policy and is committed to eliminating fur products from its inventory by March 2023. Nine months later, the company shared its progress in applying these changes to all NMG brands, including Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

“It is clear that the future is fur-free, and includes the ultra-luxury space. As a leader in luxury retailers, NMG has an opportunity to help us build a better future for our industry,” he said. Geoffrey van Ramdonk, Chief Executive Officer, Neiman Marcus Group. “Since our announcement, we have seen many of our brand partners join the movement, furthering our efforts to implement this much-needed change and create a more sustainable future for fashion.”

Wool inventory levels across Neiman Marcus Group (NMG) have dropped by more than half, and the company plans to continue reducing receipts over the next year. To educate clients about fur alternatives, NMG has begun to introduce several new sustainable and ethical product options in luxury stores for its luxury customers.

NMG has worked closely with the Human Society of the United States in 2021 to develop its animal welfare policy. Over the past eight months, NMG has begun implementing its exit from the fur scheduled for March 2023 and is 100 percent compliant with this new policy, which is in line with the Far Free Alliance guidelines, the company said in a media release.

These important steps include redesigning merchandising assortments and aligning a plan for how fur salons will evolve.

“Our merchandising teams have begun asking brand partners to identify items with preferred product features that will strengthen the new ‘Fashion for Change’ and ‘Conscious Curation’ edits by Neyman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, launched this spring,” he said. Chris Demuth, SVP of People’s Service, ESG, and Balancing, NMG.

Both editions will feature products made from durable materials, including bio-based vegan leather – such as Prota Fiori, a Certified B Corporation founded by Jennifer Stucco, which has pioneered the use of apple leather in Italian-made women’s shoes, as well as responsibly crafted products. , Made by various proprietary brands, or promoting enhanced transparency through digital product passports, the release added.

NMG has continued to partner closely with The Human Society and the Textile Exchange to inform their efforts in providing respectable training for brand partners.

NMG’s animal welfare policy and the introduction of its brand new sustainable product editing are expected to help the company meet its goal of increasing revenue from the sale of sustainable and ethical products by 2025.

As shared last year, the existing fur saloons at Neyman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman stores will be converted into customized spaces for a modern luxury experience. Over time, salons will transform into spaces where change, personalization, dining and other experiential customer moments take place.

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Patek Philip Pump Up Chime Volume

From JustLuxe Content Partner iW Magazine

Patek Philip has underscored his reputation as the source of a new model, the best minute repeater with ref. 5750 Advanced Research Minute Repeater, an extra-loud chiming wristwatch that uses a new sound amplification system.

Patek Philippe 15 will make a 40mm platinum-case ref. 5750 Advanced Research Minute Repeater Clock.

The Geneva watchmaker says its new watch provides a time-telling tone that can be heard 180 feet away from the wearer’s wrist.

Patek Philippe’s new system, called ‘Fortisimo FF’, has a sound lever or metal ‘blade’ that swings a sapphire crystal wafer on the back of the watch. Patek Philippe’s Advanced Research Arm Fortisimo has spent several years developing the FF and will place it in fifteen of the 40mm platinum-case ref. 5750 Advanced Research Minute Repeater Clock.

The watchmaker says his new system, for which Patek Philippe has registered three patents, essentially creates a fancy way for the word to reach the wearer’s ears. The new model hammer struck directly from the design of Patek Philippe’s famous caliber R 27 PS (since 1989) hits a titanium ring in a traditional manner. Then the new ‘Fortissimo ff’ module takes on the responsibility of amplifying the tones.

The new design sends the gong oscillations to the sapphire wafer, which, unlike a traditional repeater, is not attached to the case and vibrates automatically. It effectively amplifies the sound by opening four at 12, 3, 6, and 9 in the titanium ring. A dust filter protects movement.

As mentioned, according to Patek Philippe, the sound of a clock can be heard up to 180 feet away from the clock. Traditional repeaters become almost hard to hear when listening thirty feet away from the clock.

Platinum case and material

Since the sound waves created using the new ‘Fortisimo FF’ technology never touch the watch case, the watch case does not affect the metal sound.

However, Patek has made several metallic changes to the Philip Movement design when compared to the slide-activated ref. 5178-minute repeater, which served as inspiration for the new ref. 5750

Replaces the original model found in a Platinum mini-rotor Cale. R27. With its larger component density, the Platinum version provides the same winding power but with a slimmer design.

The watch maker has replaced the steel hammer found on the ref. 5178-minute repeater with platinum hammer, which creates a soft strike. In addition, a platinum mini-rotor replaces the original model gold rotor. With its larger component density, the Platinum version provides the same winding power but with a slimmer design.

Contemporary dial

The Patek Philippe tops its new watch with an open-work dial of contemporary design that is quite different from the watchmaker’s typical classical minute repeater dial.

The watchmaker claims that the 1960’s automobile spoke wheels inspired the watch’s skeletal dial. The initial dial is inserted with a second subdial with a similar pattern. And in another break from the Patek Philip tradition, the dial of the second one points in seconds using a rotating disk instead of the traditional hand.

The watch is set with a glossy orange alligator strap with black seams and a platinum fold-over clasp. Patek Philippe will make fifteen platinum-cased refs. 5750 “Advanced Research” minute repeater. Price on request.

For additional technical details and several great videos about Patek Philip Reef. 5750 Advanced Research Minute Repeater, click here.

Technical chronology

Below we list the technological breakthroughs of the Patek Philip Advanced Research Division since the first results in 2005.

2005: Silinver, a novel, patented material based on monocrystalline silicon. It has been developed in collaboration with Neuchâtel’s Rolex, The Swatch Group, and CSEM and is suitable for watchmaking applications. Also in 2005: The first escape wheel in Silver. This new part improves reliability as it does not require any lubricant. It also reduces the mass to move (improved efficiency), is corrosion-resistant and stays perfectly concentrated.

2006: Spiromax Balance Spring in Silver, which optimizes rate accuracy by improved isocronism for concentric breathing (expansion and contraction) of the balance spring.

2008: Pulsomax Escape in Silver, which optimizes the geometry of the escape wheel and lever and increases energy efficiency by 15%.

2011: Oscillomax ensemble (Pulsomax escapement with GyromaxSi balance and Spiromax balance spring) ?.

2017: Optimized Spiromax Balance Spring. Also, steel correctors with a loyal mechanism. It uses the elasticity of the material in the microstructure and replaces the articulation with pivot and leaf springs. This technological development offers many advantages: simplified assembly (12 parts as opposed to the previous 37), flat design, no mechanical play, no friction, no arbor wear, resulting in completely lubricant-free functionality and excellent energy efficiency.

Top 3 most expensive Rolex watches sold

Bob’s watch

Over the past few years, auction prices of classic Rolex references have spread beyond the orbit to the realm of ultra-rich fiction. And with each unique or ultra-rare model that breaks previous records, the bar is raised for those who follow.

This is an exciting time to be a Rolex collector, and it is impossible to predict what the future holds. But, for now, we’ve put together a list of the most expensive Rolex watches ever sold.

Bob’s watch

Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona (17.8 million)

When Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona resurfaced in 2016 after a three-decade absence, it is fair to say that Vintage Watch World has lost its collective mind. The scale of how much he lost his mind when the hammer fell after just 12 minutes of furious bidding at Philips’ inaugural New York auction in October 2019 was revealed. At the end of a phone call, an anonymous voice became the most owned timepiece for the public in a generation, and for $ 17.7 million, this white whale from the horological world has become the most expensive Rolex ever sold.

Rolex Daytona Reference 6265 “Unicorn” ($ 5.9 million)

Rolex is a reference 6265 Rolex oyster cosmograph Daytona, and this particular timepiece is the only known example of a reference 6265 ever made of 18k white gold – making it a true ‘unicorn’.

The Reference 6265 was first made in 1970 and uses the same oyster case and screw-down chronograph pusher as the Reference 6263 – but the Reference 6265 was not made of acrylic but was fitted with a metal bezel. Vintage Rolex Daytona watches were traditionally made of either stainless steel or 18k yellow gold, and while 14k yellow gold examples were made for the North American market, this white gold reference 6265 is truly unique, and is the only known example of its kind.

1969 Paul Newman Daytona Ref. 6263 ($ 3,717,906)

When a vintage Rolex is nicknamed ‘The Legend’, you know it won’t be cheap. Then when you consider that this watch is one of only three made so far, and it is an example that battle-hard collectors describe their grille watch, you realize that a standard size check is probably big enough to fit all zeros. Will not .

Ref. 6263, including screw-down pusher and same cal. The 727 movement as Eric Clapton’s Albino – which now looks like a bargain – is topped with a great lemon green dial with a contrasting black sub-dial, complete with their Newman-esque Art Deco font. With perfect condition and an incredible rarity value, it’s easy to see why this legendary example has gained value.

Alpine Eagle XL Crono of Chopard Guilds and Straps

From JustLuxe Content Partner iW Magazine

Chopard adds a 44mm two-tone chronograph to his high-flying alpine eagle collection and, at the premiere of one collection, attaches the watch to a leather strap.

Previously available in Chopard’s own Lucent Steel Alloy and / or Case in Ethical Rose Gold, the Sporty Alpine Eagle XL Crono Range now includes this new and luxurious model in Ethical Rose Gold and a Ceramic / Titanium Alloy.

Chopard’s Alpine Eagle XL Chrono Range now includes this model in luxurious ethical rose gold and a ceramic / titanium alloy.

Like all alpine eagle models, the dial here maintains a bright pattern to stimulate the iris of an eagle. But the darker version that appears in this new edition is a reference to “the intense blackness of the mountain night when wildlife regains its rights,” according to Chopard’s vice-president and creator of the collection, Carl-Friedrich Schফffel.

The new chronograph collection maintains a fairly smooth profile, meaning that here the chronograph pushers are assembled on either side of a protective bumper adjacent to the crown.

The dial is easy to read. Its black counters are nicely proportional to 30-minute, short seconds and 12-hour hints. For those who measure average speed time, the tachometer is clearly graduated and the chronograph second hand is pressed in red.

Below the dial of the new Alpine Eagle XL Chrono model, Chopard fits an interior design featuring column-wheel and vertical clutch, COSC-chronometer-certified operation, and three patents with its excellent 03.05-C flyback chronograph movement. (See specification below for patent details).

Chopard’s 03.05-C flyback chronograph movement with column wheel and vertical clutch.

As mentioned earlier, this new Alpine Eagle XL Crono is the first series-produced timepiece in the collection with a black calfskin strap. Previously, only the Alpine Eagle XL Crono included a leather strap that was made for the recent Only Watch charity auction. Here, there are hints of red ribbon stitching to echo the red accent of the dial on the straps.

Price: ,500 34,500.

Specifications: Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono

Case: 44mm x 13.15mm ethical rose gold and ceramized titanium. Vertical Satin-Brushed Rose Gold Polished Champagne, Bead-Blasted Ceramized Titanium Crown Guard, Ethical Rose Gold Case Band, Touch Set with Eight Screws Ethical Rose Gold Bezel. 100m water-resistant.

Movement: Chronograph with Chopard 03.05-C column-wheel chronometer-certified (COSC) integrated construction.

Equilibrium-spring with annular balance Patented chronograph zero-resetting system with a flat terminal curve with pivoting hammer and elastic arm, patented second-hand zero-resetting system, patented vertical coupling clutch. Open-worked policy 22-carat rose gold central rotor.

Dial: Stamped brass dial with sunburst pitch-black motif acquired by galvanic treatment and inspired by an eagle’s iris.

Improved gilded numbers with improved black counters (and gilded surrounds for chronograph counters), grade X1 superluminova, black inner bezel ring and chronograph counters, gilded baton-type bells, and grade X1 superluminova superluminova, with white transitions. . Gold, red-pointed arrow-type second hand eagle feather counterweight, golden, red-pointed chronograph counterhand.

Strap: Black calfskin with red bridle stitching and gilded titanium inlay, pin bark in engraved bead-blasted ceramized titanium.

Grand Seco US Special Edition has expanded the Soco Collection

From JustLuxe Content Partner iW Magazine

Grand Seco has introduced two new US-exclusive special edition timepieces in its Heritage collection. The new models are an extension in the watch maker’s special edition So¯ko¯ collection, which was introduced last year to see the end of autumn and the first winter frost.

Grand Seiko says its designers were inspired to see the clear blue sky over the Sea of ​​Japan in early winter for this high-beat 36000 model (SBGH295) dial.

And as you might expect, both new models have light blue dials.

The first new watch, Spring Drive SBGA471, has a light blue vertical textured dial designed to mimic the frozen trunks of bamboo trees in the Arashiyama bamboo forest, according to the watchmaker.

This model, the Grand Seiko SBGA471, features an ice blue vertical textured dial inspired by the frozen stems of the Arashiyama bamboo forest.

With its unique power reserve indicator, the dial of this watch is framed by the Grand Secure 44GS 40mm case (here in titanium), first seen fifty years ago, and marked by the watch maker’s skillfully flattened and mirror-polished surfaces.

The second is the SBGH295, a 40mm steel-case high-bit 36000 Grand Seco watch with an escape that vibrates at 36,000 beats per hour. The blue dial of this watch is made with a mirrored, multi-sided case inspired by the 1967 Grand Seco’s first automatic watch, the 62GS. The Case features the Grand Seco’s great Zarathustra polishing and a bezel-free, fairly wide dial opening.

Collectors can recognize the blue dial from the Grand Seco “Ice Blue” dial introduced in the first US Limited Edition collection in 2018.


Grand Seiko The new So¯ko¯ Frost powers each of the limited editions with the specialty of Grand Seco House. In the spring drive model, you will find the caliber 9R65, which combines the high torque of a mechanical clock with the spring drive’s unique integrated circuit control system.

Grand Seco High-Beat 36000 Caliber 9S85.

As mentioned, the Grand Seco is housed inside its 9S85 high-bit caliber SBGH295. The movement oscillates at ten beats per second (36,000 vph) and still maintains an impressive power reserve of 55 hours.

Both watches are water-resistant up to 100 meters, and each is fitted with a matching metal bracelet and a crocodile leather strap with a three-fold clamp push-button release.

Price: $ 6,000 (SBGA471 spring drive) and 6,900 (SBGH295 high-bit).

The Sustainable Capsule Collection is celebrating rude elegance

When it comes to fashion, 2022 is already getting stronger. The name of the game is the name of the smooth and simple game when the style game can be nailed in the new year, starting from joggers effortlessly to figure-flattering bodysuit. Two things that the newly launched brand ARRA is doing right.

Created by designer Christine Ara, formerly with Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan, ARRA creates beautiful clothing using high quality and eco-conscious luxury fabrics. Made in NYC, each piece is ideal for everyday.

“My inspiration for this collection comes from organic, flowing shapes in everyday nature, and I’m influenced by modern art and architecture,” said Arra, who earned a BFA in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. “While draping, I create designs with subtle details that are worn seamlessly and effortlessly.”

After years of working with NYC’s top designers, ARRA has recognized a growing need in the industry for environmentally-conscious material sourcing and responsible business practice. And so the brand named after him was born.

“We want the ARRA woman to be able to wear these pieces to work, wear to dinner or just be casual, depending on how she styles with her existing outfit,” she told me. “The line was created out of a desire to responsibly dedicate raw materials, fabrics and quality textiles, while adhering to our principles of fair and responsible business practice.”

ARRA manufactures all of its clothing locally in New York City. Most packaging originates from recycled materials, printed with eco-friendly algae ink, and can be reused and recycled.

Some of my favorite pieces from the collection include Geo Top, a simple fit, sleeveless tee, an asymmetrical neckline shape, pleated armhole, and side coverage detail. Pairing it with slack lounge pants, it quickly became my favorite work-from-home outfit.

Prices range from $ 225 to 25 525. See the complete capsule collection at

The most admired asset in the last 10 years

Bob’s watch

Bob’s Watch, the largest e-commerce retailer of pre-owned Rolex and luxury watches, has compiled an in-depth report from sales data over the past decade and analyzed how Rolex’s values ​​have performed in the secondary market during this time. What they got is shocking!

When the company analyzed the performance of all Rolex, there were two models in particular that stood out. Stainless-steel submarine ref. The 16610 was simply the best-selling Rolex at the time, when Daytona was the most acclaimed model, with an average pre-owned value of over $ 30,000.

No wonder Rolex is in demand. After all, it is the best known brand in the world. Surprisingly, Timepiece has performed better than any other investment over the past decade. They evaluated data from, including inflation-adjusted values ​​for gold and a percentage increase in gold and real estate, based on average sales price data for homes sold in the United States from the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) database. It turns out that Rolex watches have surpassed both.

“We’re amazed at how much the standards are appreciated,” said Paul Altierre, founder and CEO of Bob’s Watch, in an interview with Baron’s. “We were hoping to get into the top three, so we’re glad it was number one.” They then evaluated data from, including inflation-adjusted values ​​for gold and a percentage increase in gold and real estate, based on data from the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) database on the average sale price for homes sold in the United States. It turns out that Rolex watches have surpassed both.

In 2022, 8 wardrobes will be upgraded


You don’t need a complete closet full of trendy pieces to look stylish. All it takes is a handful of reliable clothing items that you can mix and match with “the moment” items. Think of good quality, classic pieces – tops, bottoms, jackets, shoes and accessories that never go out of style.

Each season, you simply add a few staples of these garments to your collection, remembering how they will integrate with what you already have. Over time, you will have a flawless garment that is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

If you want to upgrade your wardrobe in 2022, here are some great options you won’t want to miss.

A button-down blouse. Whether it’s paired with a suit or jeans, you can never go wrong with a simple button-down in a classic color like black or white. I’m a big fan of both LILYSILK’s Basic Concealed Placket Shirt ($ 95) and Vintage Tie Neck Silk Shirt ($ 125). LILYSILK, a brand committed to zero waste, derives its natural fiber from mulberry trees, which require less water than cotton. In addition to being shiny and gorgeous, these blouses are light and breathable, which makes them wearable all year round.

A versatile sweater. Brands like Oliver Charles have an amazing selection of unisex sweaters that come in easy color combinations with navy, light gray, charcoal and burgundy. One thing about Oliver Charles sweaters is that the brand uses a 3D knitting technology that can knit sweaters all at once, making them completely non-stop. This makes them lighter, stronger and better for the environment. And, unlike your typical Kashmiri sweater, these are machine washable. However, the antimicrobial properties of wool mean that you rarely have to worry about washing. Two big bonuses.

A classic white tea. There are many options for T-shirts. But not everyone is created equal. When it comes to comfort and quality, I personally prefer Bern Conrad’s Mia Relaxed Modern Top ($ 75) – a luxury take on a basic crew neck tee but made with a comfortable modern cut in the brand’s trademarked RalmTex?? Knit fabric, which was designed to increase cellular oxygenation and local conduction at the bottom.

A sleeveless turtleneck. Often overlooked, the sleeveless turtleneck is a versatile wardrobe piece that is amazing to look at or layered like other pieces of your wardrobe. I recommend this option from The Slip Shirt Collection ($ 80), which is made from a smooth, medium-weight stretch cotton blend that doesn’t drape and stick.

A comfortable lounge set. This is the easiest way to look beautiful and feel comfortable while working from home or relaxing around the house. And although I have a lot of favorites in this section, my favorite of the moment is JJ Winks’ Comfortable Fleece Collection. Sweater Weather Top ($ 112) and Hot Java Pants ($ 78) give the comfort of your favorite sweatshirt – without a bra. This luxurious fleece top is warm and fuzzy (perfect for the cold winter months) and is designed with the brand’s signature Light Hug® material inside, so you can still be sleek looking sleek. I also like that you wear this sweater off-the-shoulder for a fun, sexy look.

Quality outerwear. Outerwear is important when it comes to the things needed to make these cold months bolder. Pro Tip: Invest in the quote of a brand like Troy London, a great luxury British Heritage brand with timeless pieces that will take you to the English countryside instantly. The Troy London Wax Parka ($ 400), donated by The Duchess of Cambridge, features a sports-lux lining that provides complete waterproof protection and this casual but elegant coat offers an urban appeal with a snug waist and drawstring hood. My personal favorite in the collection, however, is the Heathland Coat ($ 486). This lightweight walking style coat has a large swing shape and structured cotton shell, contrast checkered lining and a soft corduroy collar. I also like the large storage pockets, the inside of the zip breast pocket and the nice gold finish. This jacket goes great with any outfit.

Cute flat: To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of high heels. And, after spending so much time at home over the last few years, the heels in my closet are very low. Can’t I get enough these days? A great pair of flats, like the Selina Midnight Flats ($ 265) from Bells & Becks’ luxury day-night shoe collection. Created by Gap Inc.’s former 25-year merchandising head, Selina is a ballet flat modernized with a ridiculously soft, padded Italian napa leather lining, insole and outsole for extra comfort. Featuring a square toe that is ideal for wide feet, Selina is designed to be worn all day and for walking in five colors: Black, Midnight, Blush, Silver and Snake.

I am also a big fan of cocktail sneakers, a women-founded brand that designs and delivers incredibly comfortable, super-stylish and classic sneakers that are easily paired with dresses and skirts like jeans, leggings, shorts and capris. . My personal favorites are the red suede weekend ($ 215) – they add a gorgeous pop of color to any outfit – and the metallic rose gold slip-on sophistication ($ 225).

A chic handbag: The recently launched brand NOIRANCA has a fantastic collection of PETA-approved vegan leather bags that have been consciously crafted with an ethical focus. Inspired by the natural beauty of the eyes, the Alice Mini ($ 235) comes in three different colors (dusty rose, olive green and blue) and it’s the perfect portable shape, making it a great way to add a pop of color and personality to any outfit.