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6 stylish tops to wear with every type of skirt throughout the year


A skirt is a fun outfit and if properly styled it can take your outfit up a notch. Sometimes, finding the right top to pair with your skirt can be a challenge. Should you choose something oversized? Cropped? Long sleeves? The possibilities are endless. In the end, you should decide on a dress that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Here are some ideas for stunning tops that match all kinds of skirts for women. Bookmark this list and add them to your wardrobe so you don’t have to worry about putting any outfits together again.

1. Slim-fit tees

A slim-fit tee is a basic outfit that goes with almost all types of skirts. One of our favorite ways to wear a true-to-size, curve-hugging top is a long, flowy skirt. Since the full length of your skirt adds volume to your lower half, you should balance your shape by creating a slim silhouette with your upper half.

Another classic way to rock a slim-fit tee is an adorable mini skirt. During the day, choose a vibrant, solid color or fun pattern to add some fun to your outfit. For a night out look, choose a neutral-colored top and layer over some fun accessories. With a mini skirt that fits right at your waist, any type of slim-fit t-shirt will enhance your figure perfectly.

2. Babydoll crop tops

Another of our slim-fitting favorites: cropped tops. A great way to create a unique, sexy look is to take a crop top designed with cut-outs and pair it with a fitted skirt. What’s wrong with showing a little skin? Your legs can steal attention in a fitted or mini skirt but, with a figure-hugging babydoll crop top, your entire outfit will be the star of the show. We like that a short top (which just takes the place of a dresser) can instantly enhance any skirt.

3. Graphic Tees

Create a standout skirt by matching a maxi skirt with a graphic tee. This is a casual way to wear any skirt for a date or a professional trip. A casual, lazy top is an easy way to simplify your look Don’t know where to start with a match? Use the color splash on the skirt to determine what to look for with the top. Or, choose a neutral-colored skirt and let your top speak. No matter which combination you choose, a graphic tee is a perfect way to add personality to an outfit. Wear your favorite band t-shirt, your favorite TV show, or just a fun graphic tee design that appeals to you.

4. Floy tops

A floppy top is perfect for a fitted skirt look that requires some serious volume. There are many instructions to go with this outfit idea. You can choose a vintage top with vibrant ruffles or a shoulder cap or create a romantic look with soft colors and designs. While a skirt for women already highlights a lot of your figure, a flow top will give your waistline some flattering definition.


5. Boyfriend shirt

If boho-chic flow tops aren’t your thing, create a fitted look of your choice by blowing a oversized shirt a little. This trendy, boyfriend look is a great excuse to steal your men’s button-ups or even adventures in the men’s section of a store. If you are worried that your chosen top may have too much flow or be too large, then a quick French baldness is a great tool to show off some of your waistline. Another way to give your dress the much needed texture is to tie a knot under the shirt. Whether it’s on the side of your shirt or on the front, your tied top is a fun way to define your figure and remove the extra shirts around your skirt.

6. Camisole

A camisole is one of our favorite ways to create a romantic look with a sexy, slit skirt. A skirt with a slit has automatic sexual appeal; Balance it out with a simple, neutral top. How we love this kind of top pair perfectly with pleated skirts. Just pair with a cardigan layer and you’re serving professional elegance!

Feel confident, comfortable and beautiful

There are endless ways to style a skirt of any length! The goal is to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by the article of clothing you wear. Create a look that makes you feel good about the skin you are in Your style is completely unique, so if you feel your best, why not look your best কেন

GCC Luxury Market Will Reach 11 Billion By 2023: Chalhab Group Report

The Gulf Coordinating Council (GCC) estimates that the countries ‘luxury markets will reach বিল 11 billion in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7% for 2021-2023,’ GCC Personal Luxury in 2021: The story of early recovery and growth. The report dives deeper into Saudi Arabia.

The GCC luxury market in 2021 showed an initial recovery from the pre-COVID level, ending the year at 9.7 billion, an increase of 23 percent over the 2019 figure.

Local consumers in GCC countries today spend 60 percent of their country’s luxury spending, a significant increase over pre-COVID days.

The Gulf Coordinating Council countries’ luxury market is projected to reach িয়ন 11 billion in 2023, with a compounded growth rate of 7% for 2021-2023. Published. The report dives deeper into Saudi Arabia

The retail scene in the region witnessed a lot of activity last year and is expected to continue to evolve in the next few years, the report said. Prestige Beauty and high-end fashion e-commerce are strong in the region with 11 percent and 15 percent shares, respectively.

Consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with the luxury of shopping online, especially with increasing expectations in the last mile. High-end fashion surpasses 2019, growing by 39 percent, driven by the ultimate luxury segment at 55 percent.

The Prestige Beauty Market is valued at $ 1.58 billion, a 6 percent increase over 2019. Make-up is the only segment that has not recovered on the 2019 situation.

In Saudi Arabia, women now make up 33 percent of the state’s labor force – almost twice as much as five years ago – contributing to higher spending on luxury goods. A booming retail landscape has seen new stores, pop-ups and brands as well as emerging ‘retail tenements’ like Riyadh Boulevard.

Saudi consumers are becoming more familiar with online shopping and big online players are investing in the country by opening warehouses, the report added.

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A) Planning creates wellness within coaching reach

Photo by Dennis Navojhai

Yoga, meditation, exercise, healthy eating, and … coaching? The ever-evolving wellness space has expanded to make room for a new entrant and may not be what you expect.

Once considered a workplace advantage for business executives, coaching has reached out to the public in the form of a wellness service. And behind the most exciting innovations in space are virtual coaching companies, a) Plan Coaching.

Founded in 2017 by Michael Counts and Sarah Ellis Conant, a) the plan was designed to bring a one-time exclusive wellness benefit to a much wider audience. The co-founders met 20 years ago through their own coaching partnership – Counting as Client and Alice Conant as Coach.

A) The founders of the scheme are Michael Counts and Sarah Ellis Conant

Pulling from Ellis Conant’s time-tested coaching approach, and with the Counts background as a creative entrepreneur, the two embarked on a journey to democratize coaching. But not just any coaching. Co-founders are careful to describe the plan as “full-person coaching”, noting that the common buckets of one’s life (work, health, relationships, money, entertainment, and more) work together to create wellness. For example, a) the plan focuses on the “whole person” in order to provide overall support for its users.

The coaching process identifies what is working in one’s life, reflects opportunities for improvement, and pursues goals that support success and well-being. The basic question users ask themselves is a simple one: “What do you do? Really Want? ”Whatever the answer, a) Planning instructors are trained to help users get there.

Photo by Ashley Batz

A) The plan includes about 50 coaches, all of whom have been extensively tested to meet the company’s experience and diversity standards. All trainers are trained in the same way, which is optimized by the leading trends in neuroscience and behavioral psychology for lasting change. And to put it all together, users benefit from a proprietary coaching app where they interact with their coaches, create a thank-you list and refer to weekly session notes.

“Our apps, virtual systems and compatible models all work to democratize our coaching,” says Counts. “We’ve reduced some of the traditional costs of coaching, allowing our coaching staff to pass on those savings to our users while maintaining quality and experience.”

Photo by S. Migaz

A) Plan users can expect to pay কো 500 / month for a weekly session with their coach, or $ 250 / month for a bi-weekly session. All coaching packages come with unlimited access to your coach through unlimited app usage and texting.

“A coach’s only agenda is client success and fulfillment,” said Alice Conant. “Our job as trainers is to help you specify what you want, to make a plan for getting there, and to take reasonable steps to achieve your goals.”

Coaching users can benefit from their experience in a number of unique ways – from holding someone responsible for a new exercise routine, to working with your family, to mapping out a major career change, to creating exercises to improve your mood. . . Although each experience is unique, a common indicator exists: all users have the opportunity to create better living habits that clearly improve their lives.

“There’s something more powerful in your pocket than always having a dedicated thought-partner,” Counts said.

What’s true for him is that hundreds of a) plans have proven to be true for clients who are discovering what it means to seek ultimate wellness through coaching, a trend that seems ready to go a long way.

Global Consumer Journey High Scores for Fashion Retailers: Report

A recent neuroscientific study on digital travel and energy Emotional purchase The average customer journey score for a fashion retailer is found to be 80.7 out of 100. It states that the barometer measures about 40 components that scientific research considers the most important for the customer experience.

The ten global fashion retailers who were part of the study were H&M, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Adidas, Freemans, Gymshark, Jack & Jones, Misguided, TJ Max and Very.

Ranking, which evaluates conscious and unconscious customer feedback towards the delivery experience, demonstrates how competitive the current landscape is. With Fashion retailer Setting the bar so high, being ‘good’ is not good enough to attract and retain customers today, Delivery experience ‘DX’ Report sorted in partnership with Think Beyond

A neuroscientific study on the power of digital travel and mental purchasing has found that the average customer travel score for a fashion retailer is 80.7. It states that the barometer measures about 40 components which scientific studies consider to be the most important for the customer experience. Global fashion brands H&M, and Louis Vuitton, were part of the study.

The report uses a five-point liqueur scale to evaluate consumers’ purchasing journey, giving scientists the ability to dig deeper and understand what consumers tick below the surface. By adopting neuroscience theories, companies were able to predict physiological and emotional responses using less sensitive methods for bias than other forms of market research.

These results, which show that retailers are offering exemplary offers to customers when it comes to pre- and post-purchase, mean that brands need to exceed expectations to stand out in a crowded market, the report added.

“Consumers now have almost unlimited access to new brands and products, making it harder to earn loyalty and easier to lose. Since these results demonstrate that deliveries and returns are a strong field for fashion retailers, brands need to take the delivery experience to the next level in order to differentiate themselves from others. Any errors in progress or innovation in this space may cause you to fall behind. ” Carmen Kerry, CEO at Sort ofCommented.

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3 perfect coats help you to transfer in spring ৷

Troy London

With the coldest winter days behind us, it’s time to start changing our closets in anticipation of the sunny days ahead. An item at the top of your spring outfit list: a great light coat that will help you get through the awkward transitional weather that often comes at this time of year.

Here are three great options from the incredibly luxurious British Heritage brand, Troy London, with a gorgeous collection of timeless pieces that will take you to the English countryside with dreams.

Troy London

Go waterproof. As worn by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, it Wax parka jacket A lightweight coat is made from 100% cotton which is combined with a dry wax finish in England. A black Sports-Lux lining provides 100% waterproof protection and this casual but elegant coat brings an urban appeal with a cropped waist and drawstring hood.

Troy London

Easy to pack away. This lightweight shell parka is made from 100% cotton which not only provides complete waterproof protection, it is also easy to pack in the bag overnight. Adjustable sewn waist and mid-thigh lengths help create an elegant silhouette, while adjustable cuffs, rain guards and zipped front will help protect against any weather. There are other things to like about this jacket: It is an open one for easy wearing while walking or biking.

Troy London

Leave space for layering. A smart lightweight walking style coat, this Heathland coat is inspired by walking through Norfolk Heathland. It has a large swing shape (perfect for wearing a chunky sweater) with a structured cotton shell, contrast checked lining and a soft corduroy collar. Other bonuses include a large storage pocket, an inner zip breast pocket and a brushed gold finish.

Troy London is a British luxury clothing brand that focuses on elegant, timeless and durable outerwear and wardrobe staples. Learn more at

Luxury fashion firm Lanvin Group will trade publicly on the NYSE

The Lanvin Group, a global luxury fashion group, and Primavera Capital Acquisition Corporation (PCAC) have entered into a specific business coordination agreement that is expected to list the Lanvin Group on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol ‘LANV’. PCAC is a NYSE-listed special-purpose company and a subsidiary of Primavera Capital Group, a leading global investment firm with more than 17 billion in assets under its management.

The transaction is valued at ভ 1.5 billion by Lanvin Group’s Pro Forma Enterprise, with a combined Pro Forma equity value of up to $ 1.9 billion, the companies said in a joint media release.

Through business coordination, Lanvin Group, founded by Fosun International Limited in 2017, expects Primavera’s extensive network and insights into the consumer sector, including a strong balance sheet, to create long-term sustainable value throughout its portfolio. And to catalyze growth with further acquisitions.

The Lanvin Group, a global luxury fashion group, and Primavera Capital Acquisition Corporation (PCAC), have entered into a specific business merger agreement that is expected to list the Lanvin Group on the NYSE under the ticker symbol ‘LANV’. PCAC is a special purpose company listed on the NYSE and is an authorized company of Primavera Capital Group.

Joan Cheng, Chairman and CEO of Lanvin GroupSays: “We are excited to partner with Primavera for our next chapter of growth across Europe, North America and Asia. As investors, each of these partners is uniquely qualified to drive growth, enhance our brand performance and help unlock the full potential of new markets. We both plan to accelerate the growth of our portfolio through organic development. Creating that appeals to a wider customer base, Lanvin Group will enable these brands to develop not only in their own country, but also in Asia and North America, the world’s largest luxury market. “

Max Chen, Chairman, CEO and CFO of PCAC and partner of Primavera“We strive to support an emerging leader in the consumer sector with sustainable global appeal and significant growth potential in Asia. At Lanvin Group, we see a rich tradition, an entrepreneurial management team and a unique global business. A luxury for a new generation of consumers.” Different strategies for building powerhouses, especially in Asia, benefit from increased luxury spending. The Lanvin Group and Primvera share the same vision of nurturing and reviving world-class luxury brands. We look forward to working together for further development. The Lanvin Group Global Platform And its brand is growing across the portfolio. “

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Clean means, pure feeling


According to the December 2021 Global Wellness Summit, the value of the global recovery economy dropped to 9 4.9 trillion in 2019 and then to 4 4.4 trillion in 2020, due to the massive impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. There were many levels of wellness growth that declined somewhat, but the personal care and beauty component did not, as it peaked at $ 955 billion. The wellness / personal care industry is one that highlights several brands using the purest ingredients. And this industry has shown that such growth is due to a concept: that the personal care of the mind-body is equivalent to the concept of well-being. One feels good when one looks good, and vice versa.

There are brands that have existed long enough to understand this concept of mind / body connection, using the knowledge that plant-based products, made from natural ingredients, are good for cleansing the body, offer a natural skin exfoliator and create a new one. A feeling of completeness towards mind / body harmony.

Yoon-ka is one of these brands.

As a pioneer in aromatherapy since 1954, and with an understanding of the need to use therapeutic plant properties around the world, Multala laboratories have developed Yon-ka phyto-aromatic treatments, encapsulating nature’s energy using sensitive formulas and providing proven efficacy. Visible results.

The Yon-Ka brand is deeply involved in the notion that beauty and well-being are in harmony with the mind / body. As such, they have made each treatment a unique, multi-sensitive and deeply personal experience. With these treatments, the mind rejuvenates and reconnects with the body and environment, allowing for the rediscovery of a happy life.

It is one of the unique brands, based in Paris, whose vision is embedded in its name:

The life-giving river with its clear water, and the phonetic link ION, or energy particle.

Eternal parts are found in every being of ancient Egypt.

Together create the symbol of infinite revival.

Since the first launch of Yon-Ka Laboratories, the company has played a leading role in the production of sophisticated aromatherapy and phytotherapy formulas, combining botany, scientific innovation, wellness and beauty.

The owners of Eon-ka are sisters in France, and one is a beautician and the other a biochemist, creating a perfect balance of science and sensuality.

Today, Yon-Ka is present in 55 countries. Since Yon-Ka Laboratories was first launched in 1954, the company has played a leading role in the production of state-of-the-art aromatherapy and phytotherapy formulas that combine botany, scientific innovation, wellness and beauty.

Now, in the age of artificiality, where beauty is often defined by botulism toxins, it is good to know that true spring cleansing – a green exfoliation of the skin – can be accomplished using plant extracts to repair skin infrastructure, remineralization, hydration, nurturing- And through cellular repair and strengthening. Longevity has been incorporated through telomere protection and ATP synthesis.

To that end, Yon-Ka is one of the rare brands that has made five core commitments: long-term commitment, and the motivation to maintain their brand, dedicated to the client’s mental / physical well-being.


Yon-Ka’s 5 main promises are as follows:

1. Efficacy through nature:
At the heart of our product is a combination of four plant sciences

Uses innovative, natural active ingredients (some of which are patented) with aromatherapy, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, chemotherapy, extracts from land and sea plants or proven efficacy from biotechnology. There are treatments for all skin problems, especially for all skin types, at every stage of life.

2. Excellent formulation:
A team of high-level experts

Physicians, chemical engineers, pharmacy doctors, biologists and bacteriologists have developed strict formulation standards with an average of 92% natural ingredients; Gluten-free and mainly vegan formula

– Examine any animal according to European regulations
– Packaging that guarantees the preservation of our formula
– Production 100% Made in France meets BPF standards – ISO 22716

3. Technical experts:
– A wide range of face and body treatments, the result of over 60 years of expertise
– Strategies that the brand teaches its professionals complete clients to ensure instant, visible results and a moment of complete wellness.

4. Experience for the senses:
The YON-KA experience is a fragrant, holistic and personalized experience that combines:
Dermatological efficacy with multi-sensory benefits, thanks to the strong effect of fragrance on the senses

5. Ethical Commitment: Yon-Ka believes in using responsible packaging, and creating communication tools and promotional items using durable materials; And ensuring respect for biodiversity and humans in the supply of plant material and ongoing support for the “Un Tweet Por les Abiles” (bee shelter) organization

Finally, Eon-ka treatments define the unique alchemy – combining the therapist’s hand with Eon-ka products, an amalgamation that often allows clients to go from stressful and time-consuming everyday life to deeper experiential journeys where the mind and body meld, creating something new: A level of sustainable well-being and well-being in the world, a reward for knowing the meaning of cleanliness, pure feeling.

Italy’s Prada has announced three strategic appointments to the top management

Andrea Bonini, Cristina de Dona, Diego Maleto. Photo: Prada Group

Prada has unveiled strategic appointments to the top management: Andrea Bonini as Chief Financial Officer, Christina de Dona as General Counsel and Diego Maleto as Director of Internal Audit. Prada is an Italian luxury fashion house specializing in leather handbags, travel accessories, shoes, ready-to-wear, perfumes and other fashion items.

Beginning May 2, 2022, Andrea Bonini will take on the role of Group Chief Financial Officer, which has been held since 2016 by Alessandra Kozani who decided to leave the company on September 30, 2022 to take up other professional opportunities. Andrea Bonini will report to CEOs Muchia Prada and Patrizio Bartelli and will be in charge of the group’s administration, finance, control, tax and investor relations departments, the company said in a press release.

Christina de Donna, Group General Counsel, is in charge of overseeing, developing and consolidating all of the company’s legal, intellectual property and corporate matters, reporting to CEOs. Diego Maleto joined Prada Group in the role of Group Internal Audit Director, reporting to Paolo Janoni, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Prada has unveiled strategic appointments to the top management: Andrea Bonini as Chief Financial Officer, Christina de Dona as General Counsel and Diego Maleto as Director of Internal Audit. Prada is an Italian luxury fashion house specializing in leather handbags, travel accessories, shoes, ready-to-wear, perfumes and other fashion items.

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Oris Gold Acquisitions will auction to help restore the wall

From JustLuxe Content Partner iW Magazine

Oris will again support the Coral Restoration Foundation as it works to restore the world’s coral reefs. The Swiss watchmaker is donating a yellow gold Carisfort Reef Limited Edition Acquisitions to the annual Rise the Reef Gala, scheduled for March 19 in Key Largo, Florida. Auctions provide the vast majority of the annual budget for the Foundation.

Oris Carisfort Reef Limited Edition Aquis.

Oris originally released the watch as a limited edition of fifty pieces, all of which sold out. But for the gala, Oriss has donated the first production piece, the lowest limited edition number (02 out of 50) available to the public. Orissa will also donate two additional models of the watch to the nonprofit Coral Restoration Foundation for other fundraisers this spring.

The 43.5mm 18-carat gold watch is based on the Orissa Aquis Dive watch and is the first Orissa Aquis model to be produced in solid gold. The 18-carat yellow gold case is complemented by a solid 18-carat gold bezel with a black and blue ceramic insert.

The automatic mechanical clock has a GMT function and can show time in three time zones simultaneously using a laser-engraved 24-hour scale on the bezel. The watch back of the watch is decorated with a special Carisfort reef motif. Oris expects the watch to fetch much more than the original retail price of $ 19,000 at the gala auction.

Oris has a nearly decade-long partnership with the Coral Restoration Foundation as part of the Oris Change for the Better initiative. By the end of this year, the foundation will have planted more than 30,000 corals in the Carrisfort Reef in Florida.

“This partnership is at the heart of our ongoing mission to make a difference,” explained Ralph Studer, Oris Co-CEO. “Through the Orissa Carisfort Reef Limited Edition, we are truly expanding our ambitions and our contribution to bringing the world’s corals back to their original state. This is a very important project and we are excited about what the Coral Restoration Foundation is achieving.”

Spanish mango footballer Antoine Griezmann has signed for men’s clothing

Spanish fashion brand Mango Man has signed Atletico de Madrid footballer Antoine Griezmann as its new face for the spring / summer 2022 season. The new collection includes trousers in poplin and linen; Summer suits and double breasted suits; Jackets blended with cotton and linen in light tones; And minimalist-look clothing with a clean and pure silhouette.

The Mango Menswear line was established in 2008 to offer men modern and contemporary fashion.

Griezmann was the top scorer at Euro 2016, as well as the 2018 Europa League, 2018 World Cup and 2021 UEFA Nations League. What’s more, her famous clothing style, her values ​​and her authentic and comfortable essence make her the ideal ambassador for the firm, the company said in a media release.

Spanish fashion brand Mango Man has signed Atletico de Madrid footballer Antoine Griezmann as its new face for the spring / summer 2022 season. The new collection includes trousers in poplin and linen; Summer suits and double breasted suits; Jackets blended with cotton and linen in light tones; And minimalist-look clothing with a clean and pure silhouette.

“It’s a real honor for me to be able to collaborate with a brand like Mango, with which I have a lot in common. The style of the collection is very contemporary and they have very versatile and easy to wear pieces that fit the style of each person. I believe I have a lot to do with the brand’s Mediterranean spirit and its values. ” Griezmann Says

Griezmann is involved in a number of charitable works, such as the NGO Un Rin C’est Tout, which collaborates with relevant organizations working in France to support projects that have a positive impact on people. He is also sympathetic to other factors, such as LGTBIQ + rights or gender equality in sports, among others.

Diego Sebastian, Mango’s director of communications, imagery and customer experience, Says: “The agreement signed with Griezmann goes a step further in Mango’s commitment to strengthen its position by connecting its brand with leading figures in the world of fashion, culture and sports. Mango, a pioneer in such collaboration in Spain, is constantly looking for a profile linked to its values. We’ve already counted the main talent in campaigns like Gerard Pique, Zinedine Zidane, Adrian Brady and Andres Valenkoso. “

Mango Man has 331 stores in 35 countries, as well as an online channel, and currently represents 10 percent of the mango business. Mango Man combines formal and informal styles to suit our customers’ lifestyles, offering high quality and contemporary clothing.

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