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De Beer’s latest high jewelry collection ‘The Alchemist of Light’ showcases

De Beers Jewelry

Does the color of the sky depend on blue, or how it is reflected? Light, a transforming force, is perceived from the way it is reflected, reflected and absorbed. Through this passage of the glittering light of the diamond which makes it even more magnificent. Inspired by this natural, basic magic, De Beers Jewelers has created The Alchemist of Light, the latest high-end jewelry collection.

Designed in London and made at the company’s Paris Workshop, this collection consists of 45 common parts divided into seven chapters. The first two chapters were presented at Atomic and Light Ray, Couture Week in Paris; The next chapter is scheduled for the Paris Couture Week in July. “Our new The Alchemist of Light High Jewelry Collection presents the pinnacle of diamond craftsmanship and artistry,” said Celine Asimon, CEO of De Beers Jewelers.

De Beers Jewelry

Atomic, the first chapter contains seven amazing fragments that explain the molecular structure of a diamond. Completely monochromatic with exceptional white diamonds, set in 18k white gold, a diamond reflects the primitive clarity of prismatic makeup. The Atomic Collar Necklace features an attractive molecular interconnection of bright round diamonds, with an exceptional 18.57 carat, internally flawless diamond at its center. It has a bomb profile in the shape of a sculpture, which gives it a contemporary feel with 1,907 diamonds.

The set features a breathtaking 11.03 carat round bright, exceptional diamond from our Natural Works of Art collection and a double open ring display. Two opposite motifs can be seen floating like satellites. A diamond crystal patterned hoop inspires earrings, each consisting of two distinct yet interconnected circles. Atomic necklace, a portrait of contemporary versatility – its excellent set of diamond flexible lines, suspended from a diamond pave-set choker, can be removed and attached to a stud earrings.

De Beers Jewelry

The ray of light de Beers explains the sunlight radiating across the sky in the second chapter with nine stunning pieces. The warm-toned diamonds are embellished with brightly colored titanium shapes in the fan motifs. This set uses anodization – an electrochemical process that produces various warm shades of titanium; Once its dyes are immersed in an alkaline solution, an electric current goes out. Given that the dyes develop as a natural reaction, the result is hypoallergenic and 100 percent biologically compatible with the skin. At the center of the suffocating light ray sits the collar necklace, a fancy brown yellow glitter-cut diamond of 4.22 carats, encrusted by anodized titanium and black rhodium-plated gold and tapered white diamond accentuated lines. The striking black collar can be distinguished for a more minimalist statement.

The light beam set also includes an elegant tassel pendant, which can be detached and used as a handbag elegance; A jacket ring featuring a fancy orange-yellow square emerald-cut diamond of 1.08 carats, which is given across the finger, the motif of the isolated light beam offers a three-way transformation; And a flamboyant ear cuff featuring a 1 carat fancy dark brown yellow shiny-cut diamond from which titanium bands are undulated at the shoulders.

De Beers Jewelry

“These bold designs push the creative and technological frontier, inspired by the exceptional diamond that De Beers can source, cut and polish to the most perfect values. A great combination of art and science, precision and imagination, tradition and modernity. We understand and sincerely care that Our clients not only express their uniqueness through this wearable work of art but also bring another level to the creative story. In this case, our clients are also the real alchemists of light. ” Asimon says.

Italy’s Polymoda and Monogrid have introduced fashion for the Metavers course

Florentine Fashion School Polymoda has launched a short course ‘Fashion for Metavers’ in collaboration with Monogrid, a digital creative agency. The 4-week course is designed for advanced students and professionals with a background in fashion design, focusing on training specialized design experts who specialize in developing digital fashion creation for Metavers and NFTs.

The course will focus on the creative and strategic process of virtual fashion apparel and accessory production, addressing topics such as fashion design, digital culture and iconography, design development, art direction, fashion futures and marketing in Metavers. Starting with avatar costume design, students will explore the subculture of fashion that combines digital design and real clothing modeling, as well as design (physical and digital) uploading within blockchain, the two organizations said in a media release.

“From Catwalk to Live Metavers, Fashion for Metavers is a new and completely digital experience aimed at connecting to the real world through virtual interactions and allowing individuals to express themselves through customizable digital 3D avatars,” he said. Director of Polymoda Massimiliano Giornetti. “In response to the growing demand for professional profiles with versatile knowledge of the fashion industry, this course will expand the creative potential of tomorrow’s designers, able to integrate traditional fashion crafts with hyper-augmented reality. Versatile, conceptual creativity connects the fashion tradition with metavers. “

Polimoda Monogrid has launched the short course ‘Fashion for Metaverse’ in collaboration with a digital creative company. The 4-week course is designed for advanced students and professionals with a background in fashion design, focusing on training specialized design experts who specialize in developing digital fashion creation for Metavers and NFTs.

Monogrid is dedicated to implementing fashion and luxury solutions for augmented reality, 3D modeling and architecture for digital events and installations. The Florentine Agency also conducts digital projects on the possibilities offered by Virtual Fashion, such as 3D masks for metavars and virtual clothing lines that can be purchased and worn with digital avatars.

“Since the monogrid is a reality focused on creativity and content creation for the fashion and luxury world, it is almost a necessity for us to collaborate with Polymoda, an organization that trains new talent every day.” Francesco Bernabei, CEO of Monogrid. “This course will allow us to connect with students as well as create a new perspective on metavers. Therefore, it will be important to train hybrid professionals who are not only able to visualize a real reality but also have great digital sensitivity and 360 ° communication knowledge. “

The first edition of Fashion for Metavers will launch in June 2022.

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US ‘Maizer has launched the Trankil and True Intimate clothing line for women

US ‘Meijer has launched Tranquil & True, an intimate clothing line for women. In line with the retailer’s ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion in the intimate and slippery tranquil and true line fashion. The collection celebrates personalities with women of all shapes, sizes, colors and experiences.

Tranquil and True Size S to 3X, Bra Size 42 Band-Size and DDD Cup Size. Like its other outfits, the items are located in a rack with a section and a price for a given style regardless of size. Just like with the Meijer Confidence Beyond Measure campaign, the launch of Tranquil & True celebrates personality by featuring women of all shapes, sizes, colors and experiences, the company said in a statement.

“Confidence is at the heart of the new Meijer Tranquil & True brand. We know that finding intimate clothing that fits well, is comfortable and reflects a woman’s interior style is not always easy so we have designed Trunkil and True. We think that all women, regardless of their size or shape, can easily find a piece that looks great. ” Annette Rapash, Softline Group Vice President at MajorSaid in a statement.

US ‘Meijer has launched its intimate clothing line for women, Tranquil & True. The new collection of sleepwear and intimate clothing comes at a time when women are looking for better options, helping them to feel comfortable and confident. The launch of Tranquil & True celebrates personality with women of all shapes, sizes, colors and experiences.

“We have a long-standing commitment to making sure all women feel confident and inclusive when shopping at our store, so launching Tranquil & True is a normal next step. It provides the simplicity and simplicity that women want when they expect us to incorporate the inclusion of size, “she said. Fame Added

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