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Returning the World with Dr. Ari Bears of Anahata Conscious Living

An estimated 36 million Americans practice some form of yoga, a practice that goes far beyond just one exercise. The value of the yoga industry is growing year after year, and it is as beneficial to your physical health as it is to your mental health. The value of the global yoga industry is estimated at 80 80 billion, according to The Good Body, and flexibility and stress relief are cited as the most popular reasons to start yoga.

The global health and wellness industry has flourished over the past few years, as epidemics have forced people to look inward and re-evaluate the general state of their physical and mental health. For Dr. Arie Bears, the love of yoga came after a heartbreaking loss.

Losing his mother was one of the hardest things Dr. Bears had to endure, so he decided to embark on a journey of self-realization. She quit her job as a model and went on to learn as much as she could about spirituality, medicine and healing. It paid off: Dr. Bears now has a PhD. In Integrated Medicine, a Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor, an Ayurvedic Specialist and Established Anhata conscious living.

Dr. Bears has spent years traveling around the world, learning from top art gurus like Dharma Mitra and Ram Das. He was in India for two and a half years and this is the place where his life changed forever. One morning, Dr. Beers was meditating at a Hare Krishna temple in Mumbai, when the word “uninjured” came to him. The word means “heart” in Sanskrit and he immediately felt that this work spoke to him more deeply. It became the name of his company, Anhata Conscious Living, a combination of wellness, yoga and meditation aimed at helping others discover new relationships with themselves.

With a mission to use yoga for a more holistic purpose, Dr. Beers’ primary inspiration is to help people upgrade their “human software”. His method is unique in that he gives people the tools to create their own, personal habits that compel them to preserve their true essence.

Dr. Bears tends to move away from the modern or commercial aspect of yoga. Although he understands the benefits of social media or virtual yoga training, Dr. Bears prefers to maintain the integrity of the ancient practice by focusing on the simple task of transforming life.

As the epidemic ends, Dr. Bears will return to a personal training model in Bali on March 21 after his final virtual training. She also leads a women’s empowerment retreat once a year, winning several awards for Best Women’s Retreat. Dr. Bears also focused on giving back through various charitable endeavors. He donates five percent of his total revenue to charity.

By Jordan Finkel

NFT Tech and Run It Wild Partners to Expand Elvis On-Chain Metavers

NFT Tech has announced a strategic partnership with Run It Wild to launch the first fully on-chain Elvis NFT to create a meeting place for Elvis fans within Metavers. Partners and collaborators include The Sandbox and Descentraland, digital creator Voxel Architects, wearable designer Dupcraft and renowned web 3 utility maker The Metaci.

The next step in Elvis On-Chain is a digital key that will give fans an all-access pass to the iconic collections collected by Elvis Metavers, Play-to-Arn Games, Elvis Avatar, Exclusive Wearables and Community Wallet.

NFT Tech recently announced a strategic partnership with Run It Wild to launch the first fully on-chain Elvis NFT to create a meeting place for Elvis fans within Metavers. Partners and collaborators include The Sandbox and Descentraland, digital maker Voxel Architects, wearable designer Dapcraft and Metaci.

“This incredible partner, all the leaders of the craft, helps us create one-of-a-kind meeting places for Elvis fans. The Elvis Metavers will host an array of ground breaking experiences, generative collections, rare concert showcases, fan experiences and real events, ”he said. Adam de Cata, advisor to NFT Tech and director of Run It Wild.

“Elvis On-Chain expands the opportunity for fans to come together in new ways. In a huge commemorative year for Elvis, Warner Bros. Pictures’ epic big-screen drama, ELVIS, from filmmaker Buzz Luhrmann, highlights his legacy into the future. Mark Rosen, President of Authentic Brands Group (ABG) Entertainment, owns Elvis Presley Enterprise and Iconverse.

Each of the partners at Extended Elvis Metavers is committed to creating a variety of experiences. Sandbox plans to create Elvis avatars for use in its native games, enabling users to turn Elvis into Presley, as well as creating an immersive and gamified world of Elvis in Metaverse. “Elvis Presley is one of the most iconic singers and actors of all time and this partnership will extend his legacy to Metaverse,” he said. Sébastien Borget, COO and co-founder of Sandbox.

Digital creator Voxel Architects will lead the sandbox build so that Elvis avatars are hand crafted in the finest detail and the game explores the most fascinating aspects of its legacy. Following Genesis NFT Mint, Decentland will host The Elvis Block Party, the first Guinness World Record in Metavers for the most Elvis camouflage in one place. The Elvis Block Party will welcome Elvis fans from all over the world to honor the music, dance moves, costumes, cars, movies and the artist’s lasting legacy. The party will be held in Decentland. Participants will be able to access Elvis wearables, including an Elvis jumpsuit and an iconic Elvis-style wig. Elvis Genesis key holders will be given the gift of an officially licensed Elvis Descentraland wearable. The collection will include her iconic jumpsuit, dress, shoes, wig and sunglasses. An official GWR judge will be present and announce the record against the world-first set of guidelines.

The primary landowner in Vegas City, the largest entertainment district in Decentland, will help create a unique Elvis Block Party experience at Metaverse’s largest and most well-known social casino.

In addition to Run it Wild, Dappcraft will design all of the officially licensed wearables for The Elvis Block Party, redesigned for the digital age from Elvis’ iconic jumpsuit and wardrobe collection. “We have brought history to life, in a new reality – metavers. Every fan can feel like a rock star in these wearable outfits, just like their idol, “he said. Damien G., CEO and co-founder of Dapcraft.

Behind the িম 3.5 million fundraiser led by the Animoka brand, The Metaci Hallmark will work as a partner project, inspiring their community and setting the tone for Elvis’ future interactivity. Matty, founder of Metaci, Added: “Elvis ‘rocked’ the music industry in the 1950’s and this is the kind of cultural influence we want to be champions at The Metaci।.

Fan-controlled NFT offers unprecedented access, as buyers of the same Elvis Genesis NFT have the opportunity to vote on future releases from the vault and shape Elvis’ future on the blockchain. Elvis hints at upgrading to an Elvis DAO to handle the on-chain lightpaper project.

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Ulysses Nardin Frick S.

From JustLuxe Content Partner iW Magazine

Ulysse Nardin updates her already legendary hands-free, dial-free, and crown-free freak with a double oscillator, a technological advancement that strengthens its functionality and accuracy while deepening its three-dimensional effect.

As Ulysse Nardin’s highlight debut at Watches & Wonders 2022, the new Freak S marks the premiere of the new UN-251 manufacturing movement. The new caliber dramatically hosts a new Blood “DiamonCL” (diamond-coated silicone) double oscillator with each balance wheel tilted at a 20-degree angle and connected by a differential.

Ulysses Nardin explains that the multi-gear differential, clearly visible between the balance wheels, distributes the power of the barrel evenly to the two regulatory organs, so that the Frick’s width is stable.

The visual effect, centered with a pair of rose gold bridges holding two blue oscillators, is reminiscent of the wings of a rocket.

Remember, the whole movement of the freak as a carousel makes a complete rotation in one hour. A wide arrow on the clock’s Aventurine movement plate shows the clock when the rocket’s balance wheel and the long nose cone of the rocket with the run indicate the minute. During Frick S, the bezel is set to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.

The new Frick S. Ulysses marks an update to the efficiency of the already highly efficient Grinder automatic winding system of Nardin. Using slight movement of the wrist, the grinder operates using four blades that attach to a swaying weight, which doubles the self-winding system’s angular stroke and limits friction. (See additional technical features below.) And with Grinder, the movement (as far as we are aware) is the first automatically wound double-oscillator caliber available.

Ulysses Nardin will make Frick SK a limited edition of seventy-five pieces, of which forty will be made this year. Each watch is fitted with an alligator strap decorated with a sport cutout in rose gold color. The titanium is fitted with a black DLC and a timepiece with a self-folding hug system.

Price: 137,200

Specification: Ulysses Nardin Frick S.

(75-piece limited edition)

Movement: UN-251 caliber with hours and minutes indicated by rotation of movement. Flying carousel baguette movement: one rotation per hour. Automatic winding grinder with blades, flexible guide, and shock absorber. Extra-large curved double balance wheel in silicone with inertia block, vertical differential. Power reserve 72 hours? (2 x 2.5 Hz) (2x 18,000 vph).

Case: 45mm black ceramic, titanium and rose gold with black DLC. Set the time with the front bezel and lever lock. Manual winding is possible with the rear bezel.

Decorative movement plate in black aventurine. ? 30 meters water resistance, a sapphire dome box with anti-reflective treatment on both sides. Back: Titanium with black DLC, 6 screws, visible “grinder” with an open sapphire case back.

Strap: bi-material black alligator and gold calf strap or black alligator strap.

Price: 137,200

Neonyt Germany will host a fashion show to launch Neonyt Lab

Highlighting the future of sustainable fashion, Neonyt will host a fashion show on June 23 to launch the Neonyt Lab. This year’s theme is ‘Biosphere-Technosphere’. Thus the focus is on the connection of nature with what man creates with the elements of water, air and earth – from infrastructure to architecture and the digital world.

The combination of these seemingly controversial issues extends to the present epoch, the ethnographic age, where humans have become one of the most important influencing factors on Earth’s biological, geological, and atmospheric processes.

Highlighting the future of sustainable fashion, Neonyt will host a fashion show on June 23 to launch the Neonyt Lab. This year’s theme is ‘Biosphere-Technosphere’. Thus the focus is on the connection of nature with what man creates with the elements of water, air and earth – from infrastructure to architecture and the digital world.

During the Neonit fashion show, various multi-brand looks are staged – from small independent brands and newcomer labels to internationally established brand and designer pieces, created by renowned stylist Claudia Hoffman. The Biosphere theme complex presents fashion and textiles inspired by nature and its elements while the technosphere theme focuses on circular economy and recycling, fair organizer Messe Frankfurt said in a press release.

Entitled ‘Biosphere-Technosphere’, Neonit combines fashion show themes that at first glance seem contradictory and thus raises questions. Audiences are invited to embark on a journey where the nature of the earth, its elements, and consequently evolutionary processes merge with the concepts of the digital world, creating a new dimension and network system for a revolution in the fashion industry. The event is being implemented in conjunction with natural cosmetics brand and presentation partner Dr. Haushkar.

During the week from June 20-26, 2022, the city of Frankfurt am Main will be dominated by sustainable fashion, design and art. Numerous events will be held across the city under the umbrella brand Frankfurt Fashion Week. Exhibitions, fashion shows, discussions, presentations and open studios invite all interested citizens to explore and experience all aspects related to fashion and sustainable design.

In parallel with Frankfurt Fashion Week, Messe is hosting Neonit Labs at Frankfurt Union Hall June 24-26, 2022, aimed at consumers and fashion professionals interested in sustainability.

Also, June 21-24, Messe Frankfurt will bring together the world-based B2B event Textile, Texpress and Hemtextile Summer Special, highlighting themes of special relevance to international fashion and lifestyle. The Neonit Lab will be held June 24-26, 2022 at Union Hall in Frankfurt am Main.

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Undo adds Rose Gold and Braguet numbers to its collection

From JustLuxe Content Partner MensGear

UNDONE is one of our favorite microbrands for unique and stylish timepieces. A major contribution to their success is how their enthusiastic team keeps the lineup fresh. Regularly releasing new examples may not work for others in the industry, but the formula seems to make fun of this watch maker. So, let’s take a look at their latest outing – Urban Vintage Salmon.

This release has given Hong Kong-based companies their chronographs with some changes we have never seen before in their catalog. Fans know that in addition to their occasional limited-edition collaboration, UNDONE’s unique customization services encourage creativity. With the debut of Urban Vintage Salmon, we now have a new template to consider.

What UNDONE offers is a blend of classics that evokes nostalgia for both users and viewers. They are calling it because of its dial-up, which some refer to as “salmon pink” and others as rose gold. Although most watches choose this shade ship with color matching cases and parts, they opt for contrast.

Moreover, with the exception of the enchanting tones that make up the background, it incorporates more elements that enhance its old-school charm. What we’re seeing is a profile that many of its competitors can’t stop. Urban Vintage Salmon, however, carries a timeless appeal that you can proudly wear on your wrist.

For example, if we can arouse your interest in this moment, read on for our comprehensive section below. Who knows? This could be the beginning of a long-term appreciation for the items in this colorway. Plus, it will probably be enough to convince people to try it out. Let’s dive into the right and go fishing!

Similarly coming from the recent launch of the stunning Aitoheiwa Auto, UNDONE is renewing the Urban collection. For those who are wondering, under this banner we have several sub-models for different tastes. People who prefer more than just basic timekeeping functions can find their standard chronograph here.

Urban Vintage Salmon survives just like its name in its unique combination of aesthetics. It is presented in a circular case with a stepped bezel measuring 40 mm x 12.7 mm. Its size is suitable for users who want a slim and modest accessory on their wrist.

The surface of a 316L stainless steel housing has a mixture of polished and satin finish. There is nothing significant left in the middle of the case, while there are two pump pushers on opposite ends. These are the crown of an antique-style watch with a “U” engraved on it.

Beneath its domed K1 crystal is a vertically brushed rose gold dial with all hints and branding printed in black. The tachometer scale occupies the flange part and surrounds the minute track. The urban vintage salmon face decoration is the hour marker of the Bridget number.

Meanwhile, the round snail register is set at 3am and 9pm. The UNDONE Black Hands-On goes for all the functions that look great in contrast to the metallic color beneath them. Ticking in is a Japanese TMI VK64 mechanical-quartz hybrid flyback chronograph movement taken from Seco.

Surprisingly, the Urban Vintage Salmon is arranged with an exhibition case back. It persuades those who are curious about the internal workings of their watch, although there is nothing to look forward to except the shielding and button cell battery that drives it. Finally, we have a brown genuine leather strap with a stainless-steel pin bark closure system.


Case size: 40mm x 127mm

Case material: 316L stainless steel

Bezel: Stable / Steps

Crystal: K1 mineral glass

Dial style: Chronograph with Brigette number

Movement: Japanese TMI VK64 Mechanical-Quartz Hybrid Flyback Chronograph

Water resistance: 3 atm / 30m

Straps / Bracelets: Genuine Leather (Brown) with Pin Buckle Closure System

There you have it! We never thought a two-tone combo of silver and rose gold would look so fashionable. Combined with the Breguet number on its dial and the use of retro visuals, UNDONE manages to create another mesmerizing motif that you can personalize into a bespoke chronograph. As always, keep a close eye on their future releases because we know that there is always something exciting going on behind the scenes.

Now your possession!

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Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics Forecasts A / W 23-24

Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics has released its trend forecast for Autumn / Winter (A / W) 2023-24. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 epidemic, the event committee is focusing on the passion for fashion in its A / W 2023-24 trend forecast, encouraging fashion designers and garment professionals to be ambitious in their choices.

This year’s Direction Trends Forum was designed by the Nellierody Agency, with top trend forecasters from Milan, New York and Tokyo dismissing the committee. Reflecting the themes set by the expert panel, exhibitors will be displayed in the fabric sample forum, making it an important destination in the fairgrounds where buyers can find potential suppliers and anticipate future trends in the market.

Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics has released its trend forecast for Autumn / Winter (A / W) 2023-24. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 epidemic, the event committee is focusing on the passion for fashion in its A / W 2023-24 trend forecast, encouraging fashion designers and garment professionals to be ambitious in their choices.

The Directional Trends Committee consists of top trend forecasters from Nellierody Agency (Paris, France), Elementi Moda (Milan, Italy) and Toby TDG The Donager Group (New York, USA), as well as Sachiko Inou (Tokyo, Japan). ) The members of the committee combine their skills and local influence to bring the theme of the Trend Forum, the organizers of the fair said in a press release.

Trend guides include SCIENCE +, CRAFT +, FREE + and PREMIUM +. The SCIENCE + theme is inspired by advances in discovery, the unknown, and the opportunity to innovate future-centric perspectives on our daily lives. New and comfortable fabrics represent the trend, giving the wearer a superior and premium feeling. Elegance and comfort are preferred using farsighted materials incorporating elements of chemistry and biology. Fabrics include man-made and natural materials, hybrid fabrics, thermal insulation and foam padded materials. The theme emphasizes protective lamination as gradational and opaque motifs, three-dimensional lace, and finishing.

While trying to better themselves by focusing on a sustainable society of tomorrow, CRAFT + raises awareness of nature’s inner comfort, evoking a handicraft feeling to nurture human warmth and tenderness. The color palette reflects this concept with environmentally conscious and earth-centered colors. Recycled, eco and organic fabrics that conduct resources, are used, using vegetable and botanical dyes. Includes featured textiles that not only sustain the global environment but also revitalize it for the better.

Encouraging fantasy with unlimited imagination to express the modern age in explosive colors, exploring free + designs that permeate the vitality of color, encouraging optimism in our quest for mysterious inspiration across the genre. High-energy color combinations that evoke emotion are used, incorporating technical and functional elements. This evolving consciousness is also applied to fabrics, which are decorative and fantasy-inspired. Further underpinning of the theme is modern and colorful geometric patterns, bold graphical design and interior decoration motifs.

A journey through aspiration, taking the unknown into the mysterious depths of a complex universe, Premium + Direction encourages us to rediscover spirituality and value as well as to imagine a life of new awareness and purpose. The color palette fuses dramatic and mysterious darkness with mineral-based bronze and gold to reflect a bright and shady premium-feeling. Fine yet stunning materials with glossy material are included, as well as luxurious fabrics like premium wool, alpaca wool, liquid and flexible jerseys. Foil finishing, graphic patterns, optical effects, superimposed prints and lots of embroidery around the theme.

Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics – Autumn Edition Intertextile Shanghai Home Textile – Autumn Edition, Yarn Expo will be held alongside Autom, CHIC and PH Values, from 29-31, 2022 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). The fair is organized by Messe Frankfurt (HK) Limited; Sub-Council of Textile Industry, CCPIT; And China Textile Information Center.

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Blue Moon by Frederick Constant

From JustLuxe Content Partner iW Magazine

Frederick Constant refreshes his classic Heart Beat Moonfage date with a new model that boasts a rich blue dial emphasizing the most contemporary design of the watch.

Frederick Constant Classic Heart Beat Moonfage Date, now with a rich blue dial.

In this handsome update, the light blue classic Moon Phase display balances with a very modern open heart beat aperture that reveals a part of the movement – a long time Frederick Constant signature.

This delightful symmetry is one of the many pleasures that Frederick Constant reliably (and affordablely) provides with this refreshing design, which the Geneva-based manufacturer first debuted eight years ago with a light dial.

The 40mm steel watch allows the wearer to read the current munphase, time and date, and vibrates 28,800 vibrations per hour on a portion of the balance wheel within the heartbeat aperture. The display features the watch’s Celita-based automatic FC-335 movement, which is also visible through the sapphire back.

The watch’s cellita-based automatic FC-335 movement is visible through the back of a clear sapphire.

To maintain its visual balance, the watch has no third aperture for displaying dates. Instead, the fourth hand points its own arrow point toward the date, shown in a circle on the flange.

Clock rotation, hour, minute, date, and moon phases are adjusted to a single crown. Its four positions allow full control of the display. The first position winds the movement, while the fourth adjusts the time. In an amazing display of technical fluency, the wearer can change the date in the second position and the phase of the moon in the third position, as long as the hands are in the first position at 10:10. This protects the mechanism from being damaged.

As is often the case with the classic models of Frederick Constant, the dial here is adorned with the Claude de Paris Giloche.

Price: 2,095

Special Note: Frederick Constant Classic Heart Beat Munfage Date

(Reference FC-335MCNW4P26)

Navigation: Automatic FC-335 caliber (cellita-based), 38-hour power reserve, 28,800 vph.

Case: 40mm by 10mm polished stainless steel, two-part, scratch-resistant convex sapphire crystal, see case-back. 60m water-resistant.

Dial: Navy Blue with Claus de Paris Giloche in the center. Printed Roman Roman numerals ?, in the outer ring date graduation, white hours, minutes, seconds, and date in hand. Heart Beat opens at 12, Moon Phase Display.

Straps: Navy blue calfskin with off-white stitching, steel pin bark.

Price: 2,095

U.S. brand Ralph Lauren’s earnings rose 18% in 4 FY22

In the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2022, Ralph Lauren’s revenue grew 18 percent to $ 1.5 billion, according to the report, and fixed currency grew 22 percent. Foreign exchange negatively impacted revenue growth by about 360 basis points in the fourth quarter. For 2022, revenue grew 41 percent to $ 6.2 billion, according to the report.

Total profit for the fourth quarter was $ 966 million and gross margin was 63.4 percent. On a composite basis, the gross margin was 63.3 percent 62 62.9 percent over the same period last year In the fourth quarter, foreign exchange negatively affected the gross margin by 80 basis points. Gross margin expansion was primarily driven by increasing AUR across all regions as well as offset increased input costs from freight, raw materials and labor by changing favorable channels and geographic mix. Compared to FY20 in the fourth quarter, consistent gross margins have expanded by 420 basis points based on the report on strong AUR growth.

“From our recent fashion show to the launch of our powerful Morehouse and Spellman College collection, we continue to inspire people around the world to dream,” he said. Ralph Lauren, executive chairman and chief creative officer. “Whether it’s our clothing or how we think about our influence on the planet, we imprint what we do with an attitude of optimism and perseverance that gives people a sense of possibility.”

In the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2022, Ralph Lauren’s revenue grew 18 percent to $ 1.5 billion, according to the report, and fixed currency grew 22 percent. Foreign exchange negatively impacted revenue growth by about 360 basis points in the fourth quarter. For 2022, revenue grew 41 percent to $ 6.2 billion, according to the report.

“Our teams around the world have performed exceptionally well in delivering fourth-quarter and full-year results that exceeded our expectations as we continue to make progress on our long-term strategic commitment,” he said. Patrice Luvet, President and CEO. “We have laid the groundwork for healthy sustainable growth and value creation in FY 2023. As we continue to navigate in a highly dynamic global macroeconomic environment, our growth will be supported by the strength of our brand and multiple engines – from new high-value hiring to high-potential.” Consumers to develop product divisions and geographic and channel expansion. “

For fiscal year 2023, the company expects fixed currency revenue to grow at a much higher single digit than last year on a 52-week comparable basis, at our current outlook of about 8 percent. Based on the current exchange rate, foreign exchange is expected to negatively impact revenue growth by about 400 basis points in FY 2023. On a 53-week comparable basis, FY 2023 revenue growth is also expected to be negatively impacted by about 100 basis points. 53’s absencerd Weeks compared to the previous year.

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New bikini collection from Banana Moon Couture

Photo Credit: Banana Moon

Husband and wife Daniel and Veronica Fletcher met Bernard Donati and Nat Mওori in 1984 and the result was a unique beach lifestyle brand. The combination of the multicultural background of the four members at the meeting inspired the launch of Banana Moon which soon became an international success with her bikini and beach attire. Combining the timeless California look with a certain European knowledge, every piece of Banana Moon collection gives a sense of style and creativity.

Since its humble beginnings with their triangular bikini-like swimwear line, they have expanded their collection to include beachwear, ready-to-wear and beach accessories, and now have been distributed in more than fifty countries around the world. Defined by its colorful prints blended with a trendy style, each part provides a casual look with a sexy twist. Banana Moon launched Banana Moon Couture in 2006, when Banana Moon Teens was launched in 2012, and most recently the new collection has further blown away the dream of beach fun in style.

Adding a touch of freshness to the impressive collection, Banana Moon Couture Collection Glamorous, refined and glamorous. Focusing on luxurious fabrics and distinctive details to achieve a stylish and flirty look, these line swimsuits present a mood where everything feels much better when the sun shines. The top shape in the collection is given in any one: bandwagon, one-piece, triangle, bralette high-neck top, push-ups or underwear, while the following shapes are given: classic pants, high-waisted or tie-side and you have full or short coverage Can choose.

Jotrao and Takia Numana Pink Two-Piece Bikini

One of the must-see suits from the Banana Moon Couture Summer Collection is the Jotrao and Takia Numana Pink Two-Piece Bikini with floral print and triangle string top and a ring in the cup. This triangle floral print bikini top can be paired with a takia numana brief so you can show off your sexy feminine summer look. The Summer Collection also includes the One Piece Orange Kaititu Palapas Swimsuit. Its super sexy plunging V-neckline has a ring below the chest and is made from recycled fabric. The best part about this piece with its stunning floral pattern is that you can also wear it as a bodysuit. Last but not least, the stunning Auleo and Soraya Amores brown two-piece bikini that is designed with removable straps and goes perfectly with the ARIMA AMORES briefs for a classic and iconic look.

Banana Moon is also expanding its eco-friendly line by riding the rising tide in the overall swimwear industry to use sustainable materials. Since the company is thinking of a full cycle, they use long-lasting products, incorporate shorter production cycles, and aim to reduce their carbon footprint by launching “Operation Upsicyled” where women can drop their swimsuits and turn them into something new and unique. . Creative Director Justin Fletcher is even working on Earth Generation 100% Nylon ECONYL in his workshop in Monaco, making swimwear from recycled fishing nets and creating a durable swimwear collection.

A piece of orange katitu palapas swimsuit

India’s men’s brand portfolio grew 46% Yo2Y in 2021: AoA

According to the Atlas of Influence (AOA) 2022 white paper produced by the daily digital magazine The Voice of Fashion (TVOF), the men’s brand portfolio in India grew 46 percent in 2021 compared to 2019, whereas for women it was 14 percent. And a division of the Reliance brand.

This white paper, one of its kind from India, studies consumer behavior through the prism of luxury and collectively reflects what is meant by prosperity in India in the two years of the epidemic.

According to the Atlas of Influence (AOA) 2022 white paper produced by the daily The Voice of Fashion (TVOF), the men’s brand portfolio in India grew 46 percent in 2021 compared to 2019, whereas for women it was 14 percent digital magazine and a division of Reliance Brands. This white paper dissects consumer behavior studied through the luxury prism.

In India, more than 57 per cent of men claim that their fashion spending has increased. About 76 percent of respondents say they invest in luxury brands that reflect their sense of style, with more than 26 percent who still see luxury as a means of social demand, the white paper said.

The AOA added that 65 percent of non-metro residents regularly purchase luxuries, compared to 53 percent on the metro. For the first time since the Covid-19 ban, 2 out of 3 rich people have made luxury purchases online. About 65 percent of those who shop online mention that they are eagerly waiting for the store to open.

Speaking of General Z, about 26 percent of them spontaneously associate luxury with travel and hospitality, and 21 percent who associate luxury with fashion and clothing. About 52 percent of respondents ranked in the top 2 for key drivers behind celebrity endorsement and influencer brand affinity.

AOA 2022 has been published as a book with exclusively commissioned works of art, planning a post-epidemic market and a clearly changing consumer mindset through a specially commissioned study across six cities and markets in India. The survey specifies a comparative matrix using graphs during the ‘pre-epidemic’ and ‘post-epidemic’ months, as well as excludes long-held notions of what prosperity and luxury mean to Indians. The comprehensive study was created over the past few months through scientifically designed consumer research to understand the difference between metro and non-metro between the behavioral concepts behind consumer, brand and consumption.

“Prosperity in finance and business studies is about wealth rather than responsibility. But for an evolving luxury market – which includes aesthetic subtlety, awareness, aspiration, affordability and difference as well as trend-defining choices – brings a new set of affluence assurance. It is a combination of wealth, resources and high disposable income, socio-cultural awareness, self-knowledge and responsive-minded approach. This is exactly what happened in this white paper, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau Shefali Basudev, Editor, The Voice of Fashion.

A spokesperson for RBL said: “Reliance Brands is pleased to support the creation of the Atlas of Affluence, which will become a definitive document for understanding India’s luxury market, not just for businesses operating in the sector but for global businesses. The story of India. This is by far the biggest exercise to decode wealthy consumers across different consumer segments and will create our own strategic vision as we continue to expand into the luxury sector. “

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