5 tips to match your boots with a dress


The combination of a dress with boots is stylish, versatile and very simple with some basic knowledge! This classic combination provides a put-together look with minimal effort. Including a variety of boots and outfits in your outfit will make you wear outfits for most occasions. This is a great method if you want to create a minimalist capsule wardrobe.

Let’s take a look at five simple tips to successfully match boots and dress.

1. Dress according to the season

One of the best parts of the dress and boot combo is that you can rock it in virtually any weather! Of course, you want your look to be both fashionable and functional. Here’s a quick guide to seasonal styling to get you started:

Winter: Layered, long-sleeved and sweater with black tights and black ankle boots.

Spring: Wrapping, floral and tea dresses work great with light colored ankle boots (especially brown).

Summer: Mini floral, patterned and midi linen dresses are complemented by tan or brown ankle boots.

Fall: In addition to warm-toned clothing, knee boots are a good choice for colder weather, or skater dresses with tights and black or brown ankle boots on warm days.

Before you put your clothes together, check the weather. Your comfort is the highest priority, and shivering or sweating is an easy way to ruin the aesthetics!

2. You can’t go wrong with neutrals

When in doubt, neutral-toned boots will almost always work. Brown and black are the most versatile options, but gray, white and tan are generally acceptable. Try to avoid sharp contrasts like black and white, unless you want to dress or wear later. Silver or gold boots can be surprisingly versatile, as well, if you are going for a shiny look.

3. Wear integrated style

Of course, women don’t have to have strict guidelines in fashion, so don’t be afraid to rock those neon boots with patterned clothing if you’re in a bad mood! Statement pieces are often more effective when they are in conflict with purpose.


Try to match the “themed” pieces together. For example, a pair of brown equestrian boots will look great with a floral floral outfit for light, airy aesthetics, while your black combat boots will be better paired with something adgy like the wrong black leather mini dress.

Additionally, think about what you are wearing for the occasion. Thigh-high boots can provide a bold look for formal occasions, but if you drink coffee with a friend, they will feel out of place. On the other hand, some heeled boots may not be ideal for a wedding, but they will work great for a casual day in town.

4. Add some flair with tights

Tights can do more than keep you warm on a cold day! If you style them correctly, they can really tie the whole look together. In most cases, you can’t go wrong with black tights, but other neutral tones can add some drama without going too high. When in doubt, match your black boots with your black tights for an uninterrupted aesthetic.

If your outfit is darker than your shoes, then skin-toned tights work great. If you are wearing brightly colored boots, avoid dark-toned tights, as they give the illusion of shortening your legs. In general, it is best to avoid white tights, unless you are deliberately combining bold outfits that are reminiscent of Victorian fashion.

If you try to make a statement, bright colors can be a fashion-forward look, but they usually pair best with black boots and a dress of the same color will make the whole outfit more cohesive.

5. Examine the appearance in a full-length mirror

Women’s footwear can otherwise add a dramatic look to casual wear, so don’t feel compelled to follow any of these rules! The most important thing is that you feel confident. A full-length mirror is so simple, because it lets you see how the decor works as a whole. If you’re still not sure if you can see, take a selfie and ask a friend for their opinion.

Another great way to determine if a garment works is to search for similar looks online. For example, a quick image search for “black ankle boots and dress” will reveal a huge variety of photos that you can use for inspiration when choosing a dress.

Try not to overthink it

Just relying on your instincts is the best way to put together an amazing outfit. In other words, if you think you look beautiful, you probably will! Wearing clothes with intent and rocking your face with confidence goes a long way. You can even inspire other women to follow your lead! Fashion is fun, and dress and boot combos are usually playful and cool-backed, so try not to drive yourself crazy by combining an outfit. As long as you’re feeling good, you’re doing it right.

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