Accutron and Bulova Revive Space Age Design

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Accutron and Bulova celebrate their shared history with NASA and the US space program by launching the Accutron Astronaut and Bulova Lunar Pilot, each inspired by vintage space age designs.

The new Accutron Astronaut

NASA worked closely with Accutron to develop clocks, instrumental panel clocks, and timekeepers for the internal mechanisms integral to numerous missions to space from the mid-1950s to the mid-1970s.

Similarly, Bulova watches were worn by astronauts and pilots in the same era. On August 2, 1971, the mission commander of Apollo 15 made lunar history while wearing a Bulova chronograph.

Accutron and NASA’s 60-minute timer from the 1960s space program.

Accutron Astronaut

Referencing the 1968 “T” version of its Astronaut model, Accutron has now relaunched the model with an update that specifically highlights the watch’s distinctive day/night bezel. The new 41mm steel-cased Accutron Astronaut is the first reissue of what Accutron calls “an exciting new series of Accutron Astronaut timepieces.”

The new model offers a vintage-perfect double box sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, but updates the movement with the Selita SW330 GMT automatic caliber which, in another update, is partially exposed through an exhibition case back.

Accutron fits the watch with a ‘bullet’ steel bracelet. The Accutron Astronaut is a limited edition of 300 pieces. Price: $3,500.

Bulova Lunar Pilot

With two new Lunar Pilot watches, Bulova expands its popular Archive series with original vintage-sized replicas of Bulova watches worn on the moon. You may recall the first (and highly successful) watch in the series, the 50th Anniversary Lunar Pilot Limited Edition, a 45mm model that celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the Bulova Apollo 15 mission in 2021.

New Bulova Lunar Pilot with black dial.

For the latest model, the case shape remains surprisingly contemporary, measuring a full 43.5mm in diameter.

Bulova is offering the new watch with a black dial (like the original) or a sporty two-tone blue and white chronograph dial.

New Bulova Lunar Pilot with blue and white dial.

Bulova brand’s proprietary NP20 high precision quartz (HPQ) 1/20 second chronograph movement fits both models.

Both watches are available on steel bracelets and each has a matching leather strap.

Bulova pairs the black dialed version with a black leather strap and offers a blue leather strap with a two-tone chronograph. Both straps attach to the wrist with latched spring bars for interchangeability with bracelets at will. Price: $895.

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