American designer Saleh Bembury teams up with Moncler

American designer Saleh Bembury has partnered with Moncler to share a new vision in the world of luxury, celebrating the relationship between man and nature.

Born from a shared appreciation of outdoor heritage, the Moncler x Salehe Bembury collection brings a human touch to luxury, a redefined outdoor collection that explores palette, shape and utility underscored by its signature thumbprint.

“This campaign is a dialogue about human luxury. My goal is to harmoniously balance the Moncler DNA with outdoor heritage. This collection embodies a combination of principles rarely seen in both environments,” explained Bembury.

Designer Saleh Bemburi has collaborated with Moncler to create a collection combining luxury and outdoor heritage. The Moncler x Salehe Bembury collection offers a redefined outdoor line with a human touch, exploring color palettes, shapes and utility. Inspired by Moncler’s hiking line from the 1950s, it features nature-inspired colors and designs.

The evolution of Moncler Genius as a platform for co-creation between different creative worlds continues with Moncler x Salehe Bembury. The partnership pushes the conventional collaboration model into uncharted territories of creation, breaking ground for sneaker designer Saleh Bemburi’s debut ready-to-wear collection, along with shoes and accessories.

Entitled Moncler equipements inspired by an archive Moncler hiking line from the late 1950s, the collection draws on the brand’s original design codes, reinterpreted through Saleh’s distinctive creative language. An avid hiker, Saleh tapped into Moncler’s DNA to envision a tailored uniform made for rewilding. A shared passion for the desert informs the nature-inspired palette — burnt orange, sunset coral, moss green and muted brown picked fresh from the tail, Bembury said in a press release.

“Moncler equipment is an exploration of palette, shape and utility. From extensive time spent in the desert, I have developed a deep appreciation for nature and the elements that come with it,” added Bembury.

Designing pieces that feel authentic to him, and empowered by Moncler’s technological prowess in the space, Saleh ventures into outdoor gear to open up the field with functional pieces that invite a diverse community to explore the freedom of nature. Collarless puffer jackets feature practical utility pockets and GORE-TEX INFINIUM parkas combine with teddy fleece and leggings, topped with caps and beanies. True to the codes of genius co-creation, a rich dual vision shines through and Bembury’s signature ‘grain’ thumbprint blends with Moncler’s iconic quilting on a range of padded outerwear, vests and lighter layers.

Naturally, with a genre-defining take on footwear, Moncler’s signature TrailGrip sneaker has been redesigned for the brand’s new generation of outdoor explorers and enthusiasts. Carrying ‘Grain’ thumbprint quilting, Saleh Bembury’s TrailGrip Grain resonates to a new frequency in organic green, orange and pastel tap colors.

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