Bell and Ross team with Allen Silberstein for the Black Ceramic Trio

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Bell & Ross’ Carlos Rosillo and Bruno Bellamich teamed up with watch design legend Alain Silberstein to create a trio of watches that combine Silberstein’s colorful shapes with a black ceramic version of Bellmich’s aviation-inspired square Bell & Ross BR 03 design.

As the fourth offering from United Singapore-based Grail Watches, the two watchmakers have created the Bell & Ross × Alain Silberstein Black Ceramic Trilogy, which includes a BR 03 time-only model with date, a BR 03 diving watch and a BR. 03 Chronograph.

All three watches now use a more common, smaller version of the BR 03 case. While the original BR 01 measured 46mm × 46mm, the latest BR 03 collections measure 42mm × 42mm, the size of each model in the new Grail Watch collection.

Notably, none of the watches feature the brand’s logo.

“We decided to use only the ampersand which already features prominently in our brand name because what better symbol for collaboration between equals can you imagine?” Bellamych said.

“With the chronograph, Carlos explained that the second hand was the largest hand ever put on one of their watches, and we had to make sure that the reset function worked perfectly every time so that it aligned exactly at zero,” added Silberstein.

“With diving watches, we had to make sure that these huge hands were as light as possible, so that they wouldn’t affect the overall accuracy of the movement. And then creating a two-color ceramic bezel was a big challenge.”

Bell & Ross x Alain Silberstein BR 03-92 Marine 22, showing large hands.

time date

The first watch in the trio, the Bell & Ross x Alain Silberstein BR 03-92 Klub 22, is a time-only model in a matte black ceramic case and jet-black dial.

Bell & Ross x Alain Silberstein BR 03-92 Club 22.

Silberstein’s large hand design creates a playful dial while a large blue arrow indicates the minutes and an S-shaped yellow form indicates the seconds.

The dial is only interrupted by the subtle date indicator. The watch features an automatic movement caliber BR.CAL-302 with date function. Priced at $4,400, it will be produced in 200 examples.

dive watch

The Bell & Ross x Alain Silberstein BR 03-92 Marine 22, the second model in the trio, is a reimagined dive model.

Bell & Ross x Alain Silberstein BR 03-92 Marine 22.

Here Silberstein applies his “maxi” hands, which include a blue circular hour hand and a large red arrow. Although both hands are generously coated with luminous material, the minute hand is particularly visible due to its critical elapsed dive time function.

To that end, the designer created a specialized two-tone ceramic bezel with a colored red insert for the last twenty minutes and a complete set of 20-minute markers with luminous indicators.

The Bell & Ross x Alain Silberstein BR 03-92 Marine 22 diver model has a depth of 300 meters, has a screw-down crown and is powered by caliber BR.CAL-302, the same automatic movement with date function as the time-only model. It will be produced in a series of 100 examples. Price: $5,600.


The third model in the series is the Bell & Ross x Alain Silberstein BR 03 Krono 22, a chronograph featuring five of Silberstein’s famous Bauhaus-inspired hands.

Bell & Ross x Alain Silberstein BR 03 Chrono 22.

Hours are indicated by a red circle, minutes are indicated by a blue arrow Here, a yellow S-shaped hand serves as the chronograph seconds indicator while a blue triangle serves as the 30-minute chronograph indicator and a yellow arrow displays the continuous seconds.

Unlike the other two debuts, this model offers a crown that features Silberstein’s signature red triangle.

Bell & Ross x Alain Silberstein BR 03 Chrono 22 Caliber BR.CAL-301 Powered by automatic chronograph movement with date. Made in 100 examples, the watch costs $6,700.

Grail Watch is offering watches numbered 1 through 50 as a box set of three timepieces, which will arrive in a Silberstein-designed collector’s box. Price of the set: $16,700.

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