Buyers will experience a lifetime travel adventure on Mount Everest

Buying a luxury timepiece should be a lifelong experience, isn’t it !? The experience should be thrilling and bizarre, with feelings of mystery and wonder. Jacob & Co’s timepiece shopping experience has become even more fascinating – Jacob & Co’s buyers will have the adventurous experience of a lifetime trip to Mount Everest, the Astronomia Everest watch.

Astronomia Everest (US $ 884,000) Designed in partnership with Swedish explorers and environmentalists, Johann Ernst tells the story of Nilson’s top adventures and draws attention to the environmental issues that affect the planet. Jacob & Co. As part of this unique experience, the buyer will donate 10% (US $ 90,000) to eco-based charities such as Monaco Wild (a charity of Leonardo DiCaprio) among others.

This is not the only thing: the buyer will have the unique opportunity to see the blue glacier flying in a helicopter with Johann Ernst through the Everest iceberg and the place from which the watch was inspired; It will be an amazing week in the Himalayas and a true adventure with Johan.

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