Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit 2023 with Caran d’Ache’s ‘Year of the Rabbit’

Karan d’Ache

In celebration of 2023 Chinese zodiac sign – Rabbit, World-renowned Swiss writing instrument master craftsman Caran d’Ache has launched a limited-edition Haute Écriture pen collection. Symbolizing Carran d’Ache’s unique expertise in luxury writing, the new pens use decorative engraving and Chinese lacquer to create two fine writing instruments that reflect the refined and gentle nature of this special mark. Consisting of a fountain pen and a roller pen, the new collection is exquisitely crafted in artwork.

An embodiment of the finest traditions of Chinese lacquer

Carran d’Ache is one of only two Western brands to retain the secrets of ancestral Chinese lacquer techniques handed down by the great masters of East Asia, a perfect combination of high precision techniques and ancestral arts and crafts. In keeping with previous limited editions linked to Chinese zodiac signs, ‘Year of the Rabbit’ revives the grandeur of this technique, here adopted as a delicate and elegant lavender outline, revealing the rabbit against the dark shadows of the pen.

Chinese lacquer (a natural product derived from the sap of the Rhus Verniciflua tree) gives Caran d’Ache’s master craftsmen ultimate freedom when creating incredibly complex images without damaging the lacquer surface. Each layer of Chinese lacquer is painstakingly applied by hand by Carran d’Ache’s experts and painstakingly completed over 12 days of work. Calligraphic symbols for rabbits and red caran d’ache Chinese seals enrich the pens, their nibs rhodium-plated in 18 carat gold.

more nods to Chinese culture and emphasis on the lucky number 8; Caran d’Ache has produced an exclusive number of 888 pens as part of this new collection.

2023: Year of the Rabbit

The fourth sign of the Chinese zodiac, the rabbit is characterized by its serenity, wisdom and good humor. Sophisticated yet understated, this sign is regarded for its diplomacy and constant peace and quiet, distinguishing itself by its sense of responsibility. Rabbits’ willingness to listen and their view of the outside world are advantages that will carry them far in life.

The ‘Year of the Rabbit’ fountain pen and roller pen are available to buy from £2,800 at all Caran d’Ache points of sale and boutiques as well as online

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