Clean means, pure feeling


According to the December 2021 Global Wellness Summit, the value of the global recovery economy dropped to 9 4.9 trillion in 2019 and then to 4 4.4 trillion in 2020, due to the massive impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. There were many levels of wellness growth that declined somewhat, but the personal care and beauty component did not, as it peaked at $ 955 billion. The wellness / personal care industry is one that highlights several brands using the purest ingredients. And this industry has shown that such growth is due to a concept: that the personal care of the mind-body is equivalent to the concept of well-being. One feels good when one looks good, and vice versa.

There are brands that have existed long enough to understand this concept of mind / body connection, using the knowledge that plant-based products, made from natural ingredients, are good for cleansing the body, offer a natural skin exfoliator and create a new one. A feeling of completeness towards mind / body harmony.

Yoon-ka is one of these brands.

As a pioneer in aromatherapy since 1954, and with an understanding of the need to use therapeutic plant properties around the world, Multala laboratories have developed Yon-ka phyto-aromatic treatments, encapsulating nature’s energy using sensitive formulas and providing proven efficacy. Visible results.

The Yon-Ka brand is deeply involved in the notion that beauty and well-being are in harmony with the mind / body. As such, they have made each treatment a unique, multi-sensitive and deeply personal experience. With these treatments, the mind rejuvenates and reconnects with the body and environment, allowing for the rediscovery of a happy life.

It is one of the unique brands, based in Paris, whose vision is embedded in its name:

The life-giving river with its clear water, and the phonetic link ION, or energy particle.

Eternal parts are found in every being of ancient Egypt.

Together create the symbol of infinite revival.

Since the first launch of Yon-Ka Laboratories, the company has played a leading role in the production of sophisticated aromatherapy and phytotherapy formulas, combining botany, scientific innovation, wellness and beauty.

The owners of Eon-ka are sisters in France, and one is a beautician and the other a biochemist, creating a perfect balance of science and sensuality.

Today, Yon-Ka is present in 55 countries. Since Yon-Ka Laboratories was first launched in 1954, the company has played a leading role in the production of state-of-the-art aromatherapy and phytotherapy formulas that combine botany, scientific innovation, wellness and beauty.

Now, in the age of artificiality, where beauty is often defined by botulism toxins, it is good to know that true spring cleansing – a green exfoliation of the skin – can be accomplished using plant extracts to repair skin infrastructure, remineralization, hydration, nurturing- And through cellular repair and strengthening. Longevity has been incorporated through telomere protection and ATP synthesis.

To that end, Yon-Ka is one of the rare brands that has made five core commitments: long-term commitment, and the motivation to maintain their brand, dedicated to the client’s mental / physical well-being.


Yon-Ka’s 5 main promises are as follows:

1. Efficacy through nature:
At the heart of our product is a combination of four plant sciences

Uses innovative, natural active ingredients (some of which are patented) with aromatherapy, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, chemotherapy, extracts from land and sea plants or proven efficacy from biotechnology. There are treatments for all skin problems, especially for all skin types, at every stage of life.

2. Excellent formulation:
A team of high-level experts

Physicians, chemical engineers, pharmacy doctors, biologists and bacteriologists have developed strict formulation standards with an average of 92% natural ingredients; Gluten-free and mainly vegan formula

– Examine any animal according to European regulations
– Packaging that guarantees the preservation of our formula
– Production 100% Made in France meets BPF standards – ISO 22716

3. Technical experts:
– A wide range of face and body treatments, the result of over 60 years of expertise
– Strategies that the brand teaches its professionals complete clients to ensure instant, visible results and a moment of complete wellness.

4. Experience for the senses:
The YON-KA experience is a fragrant, holistic and personalized experience that combines:
Dermatological efficacy with multi-sensory benefits, thanks to the strong effect of fragrance on the senses

5. Ethical Commitment: Yon-Ka believes in using responsible packaging, and creating communication tools and promotional items using durable materials; And ensuring respect for biodiversity and humans in the supply of plant material and ongoing support for the “Un Tweet Por les Abiles” (bee shelter) organization

Finally, Eon-ka treatments define the unique alchemy – combining the therapist’s hand with Eon-ka products, an amalgamation that often allows clients to go from stressful and time-consuming everyday life to deeper experiential journeys where the mind and body meld, creating something new: A level of sustainable well-being and well-being in the world, a reward for knowing the meaning of cleanliness, pure feeling.

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