Fashion brands use technology for personalization: Salt Attire CEO

Fashion companies are tackling the complexities of personalization and customization in fashion by turning to innovative technologies such as RFID technology, 3D printing, wearable technology, chatbots and AI, Deepti Tolani, CEO and founder of renowned fashion house Salt Attire, said in an interview. Fiber 2 fashion.

“Fashion brands allow consumers to customize their products in simple or complex ways, choosing from different color, style, design and text options. Initially, this may seem like a simple task. But, if the design and manufacturing process is not managed effectively , but it can be challenging to implement and get the product out,” Tolani said F2F.

Even with the potential for closer consumer connections on social media platforms, the challenge for brands is activism, he opines.

Fashion brands are using innovative technologies like RFID, 3D printing and AI to tackle the complexities of personalization, notes Salt Attire CEO Deepti Tolani. He emphasizes the need for an effective design and manufacturing process for brands pursuing customization. Furthermore, Tolani stressed the importance of being active on social media.

β€œIt means knowing your customers well enough to be motivated by what motivates them; Help shape and guide online conversations about your company and products; and has the agility to take advantage of new opportunities that arise at a moment’s notice,” added Tolani.

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