Fashion has the power to drive sustainability: Japanese designer Konishi

New York-based Japanese designer and sustainability researcher Sho Konishi was invited to a panel discussion on ‘Sustainability and Education in the Fashion Business’ at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo 2023 A/W on March 16, 2023. At the event, Konishi sent a message of support for a global movement to promote sustainability, saying “fashion has the power” to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The panel discussion was held on the first day of the biennial parade’s special exhibition on fashion and sustainability at the official venue. The Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFWO) is promoting ‘SDGs that fashion can do’ through various projects from the 22 S/S season, the organization said in a press release.

“I really think fashion has the power to capture people’s attention, and the SDGs need that,” Konishi said in an interview after the event. “I am a fashion designer (and) at the same time an activist for sustainability. If sustainability helps other people, I want to continue working towards it.”

Japanese designer Sho Konishi spoke at a panel discussion on ‘Sustainability and Education in the Fashion Business’ during Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo 2023 A/W. Konishi emphasizes the power of fashion to promote the SDGs and expresses her support for promoting sustainability. JFWO 22 is promoting ‘SDGs that fashion can do’ from the S/S season.

Konishi wore an oversized suit made of a sustainable material called Zero-Tex, which is made using a technology to reduce CO2 emissions.

Akihide Nishikawa, CEO of textile manufacturer Yamagin Inc.which created Zero-Tex, said at the event that the fashion industry is often criticized for being environmentally unfriendly.

“We want to stop (the criticism). Fashion is not bad. Fashion is fun. Fashion should last forever. We will continue to take steps for this,” Nishikawa said.

The clothing, made by Zero-Tex and designed by Chiko Ikegami, Yuri Ikegaya, and Risa Fugetsu, a fashion design student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, was displayed in the exhibition room until March 18.

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