Fendi’s Kim Jones presented fluid clothing for the A/W 2023 show in Paris

Kim Jones, artistic director of couture and womenswear at Italian fashion house Fendi, and Fendi artisans unveiled their latest collection during the Fendi Couture Autumn/Winter 2023 show at the former Burse headquarters in Paris. The collection aims to explore the essence of clothing heritage to redefine the fluidity of clothing.

The collection revealed an innovative approach to fabric fitting on the body, with volume and drape easily adjusted. Outer corset motifs complement the bust without restricting movement. Set against a marble set decor, silhouettes glide across the water, draped in second-skin silk, tailored fur and Fendi’s signature chevron shearling.

Fendi’s Autumn/Winter 2023 show in Paris showcased the brand’s latest collection, marrying clothing and jewellery. Artistic director Kim Jones and Fendi artisans reinterpreted couture traditions to enhance the fluidity of the garments. The collection features tailored volumes, drapes, and outer corset motifs; The pieces are accentuated with various precious stones.

The collection seamlessly combines embroidery techniques with precious gems, drawing parallels between fashion and jewellery. Radiating with yellow and white diamonds, green, orange and pink padparadcha, as well as sapphires and spinels, the collection illuminated the craftsmanship of Fendi’s artisans. According to Kim, the inspiration for the collection’s colors “comes from flesh tones and stones — black diamonds, rubies and sapphires.”

Delfina Deltrez Fendi expressed that jewelry “has a direct and intimate relationship with the body, it is a deep and personal extension of the woman.” The Fendi Triptych, her first high jewelry collection, was introduced during the show, highlighting this relationship.

The show-stopper was the final look of the evening, a testament to the fine craftsmanship that went into the collection. The piece, boasting a shimmering rose hue, took more than 1,200 hours to create.

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