How this science-backed brand is redefining our age

C/O Invitation

Meet Invity, a science-backed skincare and supplement brand making premium, cutting-edge, anti-aging products accessible to the masses.

Unlike other anti-aging brands on the market, Invity believes there’s more to skin care than slapping on creams to keep your skin hydrated. As a science-backed research company, Invity has been able to develop products that not only work, but work at the cellular level. With vegan, clean and cruelty-free formulations, Invitation is doing what we once thought impossible – putting a pause on our aging process.

I had the pleasure of meeting Invity’s Chief Operating Officer, Ajish Morris, who is giving us the inside scoop on the brand and how they are redefining what age means through their scientific research.

Can you share some information about the invitation and its brand mission with our readers?

Azish Morris (AM): As a premium science-based longevity brand, our mission is to redefine what aging means. Through our scientifically driven research and discoveries, we have unlocked profound technologies that address aging at its core: the activation of essential metabolic pathways in human cells. When these pathways are triggered, they recharge, rejuvenate and repair human cells, increasing health by leaps and bounds.

Over the past several years we’ve seen the rise of science-backed skincare. Can you share the importance of consumers switching to skincare with science-proven formulas?

AM: Unlike typical anti-aging skincare brands, Invity prioritizes scientific research and results. With this, we want to challenge expectations of skincare at home with our technology. Using the science of epigenetics, our scientists create products like a detective who solves a case. We have invested heavily in R&D and developed an extensive library of ingredients and molecules to help better understand skin science.

Our core research team consists of scientists from various fields of human biology and chemistry. By truly understanding what actually happens in our skin at the cellular level, we are able to reverse engineer solutions to mimic in-vitro results in human skin.

Consumers expect results, and that’s what we aim to deliver. Our ingredients and formulations are repeatedly tested in our labs and on human volunteers to ensure they deliver measurable results and visible changes on the skin. Our products are designed to expand the limits of what skin care can do without going under the knife

C/O Invitation

Can you explain more about Invity’s vertical integration research methodology?

AM: As a vertically integrated longevity science-backed research organization, it is important for us to implement visibility and transparency in all our processes. Our in-house research team works independently and collaboratively with our network of scientists and clinicians worldwide to lead science-led discoveries.

These discoveries are then converted into product concepts in our in-house formulation laboratory. Once these product concepts are tested, stabilized and validated for efficacy, we manufacture them in our GMP-certified manufacturing facility. Every aspect of manufacturing, whether in our in-house laboratories or manufacturing facilities, is met with rigorous testing, evaluation and strict quality control to ensure the safety and efficacy of all our products.

The main advantage of being vertically integrated with our own R&D and manufacturing facilities is that we are able to go from research to product in a very short period of time, so that our customers can experience the latest technologies and discoveries in longevity science.

If you were to recommend investing in one product from the lineup, which one would you recommend?

AM: Invity Youth Activating Instant Filler is an anti-aging innovation that has been well received by consumers worldwide. The product uses a non-invasive application that can mimic the effects of Botox and fillers – the skin lifting effect. It is designed to have an instant lifting effect for fine lines with long-term benefits. Studies have shown that our instant filler can help reduce wrinkles by up to 80% in 28 days.

As a result, Invitation has also received international recognition from global media houses such as Daily Mail, Well+Good and StyleCaster and was one of the top 20 shortlisted brands according to the annual Cosmotrends 2022 report. Youth Activating Instant Filler has been crowned Silver Winner at the 2022 Global Green Beauty Awards.

C/O Invitation

What’s next for the brand?

AM: We are in the midst of completing our clinical studies for a full lineup of products that will be released in the next two quarters. We are very excited about our next product, Youth Activating Invisible Mineral Sunscreen, a broad spectrum SPF50 and PA+++ 100% mineral lightweight and fast absorbing sunscreen. At the same time, our lab is working on a proprietary delivery system that will be combined with AI technology to see how we use and view skincare.

Anything else you want to share?

AM: We see research as a community effort and our global network of scientists creates products that are backed by science and scientifically proven. We are committed to creating products that are socially, economically and environmentally responsible. We are users and advocates of our products, so we expect the best, replicable performance for every formula and ingredient It is important for us to implement visibility and transparency in all our processes. Every aspect of manufacturing, be it in our in-house laboratory or manufacturing facility, is met with strict quality control to ensure the safety and efficacy of all our products. This guarantees that the highest standards of safety and quality are met – from the initial stages of research to when our products reach our customers.

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