Improve summer wellness with plant-based apricots

From plant-based formulas that enhance sleep, to phytoplankton-infused electrolytes, Aprico offers the best of vegetarian and natural supplements to support and enhance daily routines. The innovative wellness brand based in Boulder, Colorado combines ancient plant compounds with cutting-edge nano-emulsion technology to create effective, specialized, science-backed supplements in an easily accessible format. Founded by Quicksilver Scientific’s team and using proven patent and patent-pending technology for high bioavailability and rapid absorption of active ingredients in the body, Aprico’s product line includes convenient, superior flavored drops, glues and sachets for resistance, daily, and targeted. Care. All Aprico products are made with clean material, are formulated on site and are manufactured at our SGS-certified cGMP facility and subject to strict quality control including internal and external capability and purity testing. Make every effort for a summer activity bundle that enhances daily wellness:

Daily Stress Relief Drop ($ 44.99) 30 days supply

Fast-acting for soothing feelings. The star of this elegant blend is the THC-free broad-spectrum flax extract, which is combined with the soothing botanical scalp, and the balancing amino acid L-thenin – designed to relax the whole body at the touch of lemon and mint. .

Slip Easy Drops ($ 44.99) 30 days supply

Designed to promote sweet dreams and deep sleep, this elegant formula combines quick-acting flax with GABA and the soothing botanical, L-theinine, melatonin and lavender to soothe you with just one drop.

Hydrate + Replenish Sachet (50) Sachet 30, 10 ml individual dose

Experience clean hydration and electrolyte refill with Aprico micro-filters, 100% pure phytoplankton sea mineral solution. Each travel-friendly bag contains up to 78 essential minerals and rare trace elements before, during or after activities and exercises for quick recovery and rejuvenation.

Vitamin D3 + K Drops ($ 29.99)

The sun is nature’s way of supplying vitamin D. However, the use of sunscreen, living in certain latitudes and lack of sun exposure can lead to deficiency of this vitamin. Aprico combines vitamins D and K to maximize the effects of basic D and indicate where it is most needed. Support healthy D layers – rain or shine – with these filler drops.

Photo courtesy of Aprico

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