Inside the unofficial six figure swag bag

(Credit: Courtesy of Individual Assets)

On Sunday, March 27, 2022, the 94th Academy Awards, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, will host some of Hollywood’s biggest stars for their biggest night ever. And to commemorate the occasion, Distinguished Assets founder Lash Farry has created a memorable swag bag for Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Co-Actress and Director nominee.

Since 2003, Fari has presented the nominees with a special gift bag – named “Every Wins” nominee gift bag – which has become the most talked about and criticized. These bags are not handed over at the ceremony but are conveniently distributed to these selected nominees during the first week of the show. Among the nominees for Best Performance and Direction of the Year are: Will Smith, Andrew Garfield, Denzel Washington, Jessica Chastain, Olivia Coleman, Kristen Stewart, JK Simmons, Jesse Plemans, Ariana Debos, Kirsten Dunst, Jane Campion, and Jane Campion. Will be treated. The six-digit gift bag pampers, intended to delight, surprise and inspire.

(Credit: Courtesy of Individual Assets)

“We are humbled to commemorate two decades of making a special gift bag that has become a global pop culture event. Our featured companies have amazing products and services as well as embracing diversity, inclusion, health and philanthropy. We are not only celebrating these incredible nominees but also celebrating the return to normalcy in the post-epidemic world, “said Fari.

Although gift etiquette prohibits companies from publishing full price tags, the 2022 “Everybody’s Winning” nominee gift bag must be equal to or better than the previous year’s bag, as estimated 200,000 to $ 400,000. While price tags may not be the goal of individual assets, it boasts an impressive value and includes a total of 26 brand participants.

(Credit: Courtesy of Individual Assets)

“This year’s nominated package is particularly significant because we pay tribute to a milestone anniversary and celebrate the resilience of all involved after the last two years of challenges. Despite the everlasting bad news around the world, it is also an important form of self-preservation and self-care, creating a small space for joy, celebration and fantasy, “said Fari.

From land ownership in Scotland (whose owners are Lords and Ladies of Glenco) to Highland titles to a spectacular all-inclusive stay at Turin Castle in the heart of Scotland, some of the other eye-catching items include: Art Lipo Physical Improvement and Celebrity Arms Personal training at home from DS Fitness, mind / body / soul rejuvenation at the legendary Golden Door Luxury Spa, and facial rejuvenation procedures from Dr. Konstantin Vassukevich.

(Credit: Courtesy of Individual Assets)

The rest of the complete list of items can be found below:

– The world’s first flavored popcorn kernel from Opopop

– A premium assortment of sustainable-derived chocolate-covered biscuits and wafers from Bahalsen Biscuits

– Award Winning Nano-Amplified CBD Skincare Gift Set from Hemphera Cosmetics

– Life-enhancing and age-appropriate supplements from SpermidineLife by Longevity Lab

– A deluxe salad-inspired infused skincare gift inspired by Homer’s Odyssey BYROE-Arti Luxurious Gold-Infused Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

– C60 Purple Power Nobel Prize winning antioxidant protection

– Ethically-derived hand-mixed small batch chai gift set from The Chai Box

– Luxurious wooden candles poured from coal and canary

– Sustainable-harvested Komvita UMF 10+ Manuka honey

– Elixinol new slip gummy

– Euka Wellness Pickle Kit on the go

– Blast Kitten Competitive Game Hit Trio: Mantis + Throw Throw Avocado + Exploding Minions

– Pins and accessories related to film production by the Film Pin Society

– Happy T-shirt

– Stunning Hotsy Totsy House + Vida Blue Lux CBD Bath Bomb

– Jayde Home Essentials Spot Away Ultimate Natural Spot Remover

– Karma Badam Award-Winner Air-Arm Nutritious-Wrapped Cashew

– Holistic Healing and Wellness Coaching with Coyote Joseph

– Mason construction complimentary project management

– Delivery of customized healthy food from Nutrifit

– Provide Oxygenetics Braceable Makeup Foundation for one year

– “SeaWorld Blows” inflatable Orca from PETA

– Piper and Pero luxury unisex perfume

– Handmade Dark Belgian Chocolate Posh Pretzel Wrapped with Edible Gold Crystals

– Fully flavored and sophisticated press premium alcohol Seltzer

– Empowering and fun Qai Qai dolls from Ser

(Credit: Courtesy of Individual Assets)

– S.Pellegrino Natural Sparkling Mineral Water + fine wine pairing

– Self-love with Nicola Spiritual Connection Coaching Session, Ceresell Groundbreaking Cellular Protein Anti-Aging Serum

– Shiny Radiance Wash All-in-One Hand Soap + Jewelry Cleaner

– Award-winning small-batch Siempre Tequila Plata

– Skinny Sbu Premium Socks

– Soul Shropshire Relax Limited Edition Diffuser

– Tangle Teaser The Ultimate Datangler Hairbrush for Wet Hair

– The Tree – A Novel Celebrating Biodiversity – by Melina Sempel Watts

– Limited-edition artist series Trust Me Vodka

– T-Time Products Interpersonal Shea Butter Balam

– TurboFlex Eyewear – The world’s first and only glasses with a patented 360 rotating hinge

– Vahdam India Durable and stylish rover bottle

– Warm warm cozy plush stuffed animals

– The perfect whipped coffee kit for whipped drinks at home

– Limited edition gold leaf covered “Red Carpet Fodgeist Brownies Ever” from Wunderkeks

– The will of Brad Yates’ wizard

– Building a Legacy of Love: Prosperity in Christy Yates’ Sandwich Generation

– Condenses anti-youth stains

Gift bags designated “Everyone Wins” are not approved by OSCARS® or the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. AMPAS does not award, sponsor, support or provide these gift bags. Neither the academy nor the individual resources want there to be a connection between the “everyone will win” gift bag and the OSCARS® or academy.

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