Japanese fashion brand Ambush partners with NFT project Monkey Kingdom

Tokyo-based fashion and lifestyle brand Ambush Asian PFP has announced its partnership with the NFT project Monkey Kingdom to launch ‘Ambush the Kingdom’ to bridge the community from both digital and reality bridging and Web 3.0 projects. Ambush founded Eun and Verbal, one of the first fashion brands to successfully launch a series of NFTs traded on OpenC, and created its own proprietary Metaverse, Silver FCTRI.

Holders of both Monkey Kingdom and Ambush NFT will be able to access Ambush The Kingdom fashion products ranging from a collaborative T-shirt; A unique NFT collectible that allows holders of both NFTs to gain access to both unique physical products such as digital clothing and jewelry; And with the upcoming release of the General 3 version of Monkey Kingdom – Monkey Legends, this new incarnation will become a resident of Kingdom Metavers and will have the option to dress up in Ambush Gear, the two companies said in a joint media release.

The Tokyo-based fashion and lifestyle brand Ambush has partnered with Asian PFP NFT Project Monkey Kingdom to launch Ambush the Kingdom to bridge the gap between both digital and physical reality and the Web 3.0 project. Ambush founded Eun and Verbal, one of the first fashion brands to successfully launch a series of NFTs.

Coming this month is Monkey Legend, a collection of 10,000 avatars featuring features and abilities based on the traditional folklore legend legend San Ukong. Monkey Legend Metavers is designed to be ready and fully customizable. This evolution of the Monkey Kingdom in the Ethereum blockchain will support a completely new experience and exclusive access to The Kingdom, an open world metaverse (currently under development) that will be populated by various brands, NFT projects and an expanding community, the release added.

NFT holders will be able to socialize, play and create a modern digital playground. There will be a permanent structure of ambush in the future city of Miraizukur, with exploration and P2E components.

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