La Quinta Resort and Club and Designer Remy Brook Debut Spring Collection

La Quinta Resort & Club

Iconic Spanish-inspired La Quinta Resort & Club has a new partnership with New York fashion designer Remy Brooke.

The collaboration brings together famous contemporary women’s clothing brands and Waldorf Astoria Resort, home to Hollywood legends Katherine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart and Clark Gable. Photos of the new Remy Brooke 2022 Spring Collection highlight the new designs at the resort and feature a new “La Quinta” dress that celebrates desert fashion and comfort. There’s also a new “Shop & Ship” package, which includes a two-night stay in a private suite at the resort, a y 500 shopping credit for the Ramy Brook Spring 2022 look, and a complimentary bottle of Whispering Angel Rose.

Dermot Connolly, general manager of La Quinta Resort and Club, said: “The sophistication and vibrant colors of Rami Brook are a natural extension of La Quinta Resort, which perfectly reflects the color of our citrus grove, glittering pool and watercolor sunset.” “We are delighted to be able to work with the women-established brand to create a ‘La Quinta’ look and shopping experience for our guests.”

La Quinta Resort & Club

“The colors and designs in this collection are specially highlighted by the breathtaking views and luxuries of the property and really enliven the feel of our collection,” said Radami Brooke Sharp, founder of Radami Brooke.

The La Quinter guestrooms and villas reflect the resort’s colorful desert atmosphere. Set in an earthen palette of terracotta, ivory and chocolate, the guestrooms have custom tile work and wrought iron elements and two-tone block drapes. Citrus-shaped pillows and throw wingback style headboards and Victorian chairs. Rooms include a large flat-screen television, mini fridge, charging station with dual USB ports, Keurig coffee maker and fire pit.

Shayna Angle

The resort has 620 cassettes and suites and 98 villas, a 23,000 sq ft spa, 41 swimming pools, 53 hot spas and more than 23 tennis courts. The resort has a flagship restaurant, Morgans in the Dessert, original arched wooden roof and a huge fireplace. The space is divided into a large U-shaped bar with live music and small plates, an outdoor patio and a large main dining room. Emphasis is placed on vegetarian ingredients in new foods. The resort includes The Adobe Grill, a large Mexican restaurant with an outdoor patio, a tableside made of Guacamole, and award-winning tameles and margaritas. Beneath the grill is Twenty6, the resort’s Art Deco-inspired American bistro.

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