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Americans are increasingly shopping online, but one of the hardest selling items is the most expensive and most passionate item that people buy: a diamond engagement ring.

One particular company that has seen great success is Retani, a New York City-based vertically integrated diamond brand. Its parent company is the global diamond maker Julius Klein Group, now known as Grandview Klein Diamond Group, a site-holder of a diamond trading company that buys from De Beers, which means that Retina’s website visitors can customize the perfect diamond ring based online. By the way, basically open a safe by cracking so that there are 100,000+ diamonds available. They can make and buy a retina diamond ring directly online or go to the nearest brick-and-mortar partner Jewelers to see it and ideally buy it individually with retailer and brand split profit.


If you’re on a tight budget, Ritani also has the answer … lab-grown diamonds. When lab-grown diamonds were first introduced to the fine jewelry world, at least they were met with some skepticism. People wondered if they really were the real diamonds that they were, and whether they shared the same luster and brilliance as their nature-made counterparts, which they did. But today, lab-grown diamond engagement rings are as popular as ever and come in a wide range of styles, sizes and cuts. What’s more, many lab-made diamonds are sustainably grown and are less expensive than clay diamonds, making them an affordable and eco-friendly choice.

Retinie lets you choose from thousands of different types of lab-grown diamonds of every shape, carat, and fictional cut, as well as significantly reducing costs.

All in all, if you are looking for an engagement ring for that special someone, Ritani will cover you.

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