New Maurice Lacroix Eliros Glitter in Gold

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The luxurious side of Maurice Lacroix combines with Eliros Sunshine, a golden addition to its fashion-forward Eliros collection.

New Maurice Lacroix Eliros Sunshine.

The glitter dial and strap of the 40mm quartz watch catches your eye immediately, it is the textured pyramid pattern that sets the watch apart from other glamorous wrist garments.

The watch’s sapphire crystal will thwart your attempt to run your finger over the dial to feel the peaks of the golden pyramid range. But you can caress the soft gold whip, which has its own dimensional pleasure.

Maurice Lacroix uses an immersion technique to ensure that the gold color of the dial and case matches the brightly colored leather strap. And to further underscore the fashionable intent of Eliros Sunshine, the Swiss watchmaker packages the watch into a dual-use box and a handbag made with a textured material that matches the watch’s strap.

The watch’s golden leaf-shaped hour and minute hand, and its thin gold-colored second hand, are relatively easy to read with their combined shades. Not surprisingly, the Morris Lacrox Stylized M logo is also quite visible on the dial, above the name, spelled for public viewing.

Confident about their stylish new Eliros Sunshine, Maurice Lacroix’s folks have asked you to “create a neat row for one of the most popular watches this season.”

Price: $ 850.

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