Oris Gold Acquisitions will auction to help restore the wall

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Oris will again support the Coral Restoration Foundation as it works to restore the world’s coral reefs. The Swiss watchmaker is donating a yellow gold Carisfort Reef Limited Edition Acquisitions to the annual Rise the Reef Gala, scheduled for March 19 in Key Largo, Florida. Auctions provide the vast majority of the annual budget for the Foundation.

Oris Carisfort Reef Limited Edition Aquis.

Oris originally released the watch as a limited edition of fifty pieces, all of which sold out. But for the gala, Oriss has donated the first production piece, the lowest limited edition number (02 out of 50) available to the public. Orissa will also donate two additional models of the watch to the nonprofit Coral Restoration Foundation for other fundraisers this spring.

The 43.5mm 18-carat gold watch is based on the Orissa Aquis Dive watch and is the first Orissa Aquis model to be produced in solid gold. The 18-carat yellow gold case is complemented by a solid 18-carat gold bezel with a black and blue ceramic insert.

The automatic mechanical clock has a GMT function and can show time in three time zones simultaneously using a laser-engraved 24-hour scale on the bezel. The watch back of the watch is decorated with a special Carisfort reef motif. Oris expects the watch to fetch much more than the original retail price of $ 19,000 at the gala auction.

Oris has a nearly decade-long partnership with the Coral Restoration Foundation as part of the Oris Change for the Better initiative. By the end of this year, the foundation will have planted more than 30,000 corals in the Carrisfort Reef in Florida.

“This partnership is at the heart of our ongoing mission to make a difference,” explained Ralph Studer, Oris Co-CEO. “Through the Orissa Carisfort Reef Limited Edition, we are truly expanding our ambitions and our contribution to bringing the world’s corals back to their original state. This is a very important project and we are excited about what the Coral Restoration Foundation is achieving.”

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