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Patek Philip has underscored his reputation as the source of a new model, the best minute repeater with ref. 5750 Advanced Research Minute Repeater, an extra-loud chiming wristwatch that uses a new sound amplification system.

Patek Philippe 15 will make a 40mm platinum-case ref. 5750 Advanced Research Minute Repeater Clock.

The Geneva watchmaker says its new watch provides a time-telling tone that can be heard 180 feet away from the wearer’s wrist.

Patek Philippe’s new system, called ‘Fortisimo FF’, has a sound lever or metal ‘blade’ that swings a sapphire crystal wafer on the back of the watch. Patek Philippe’s Advanced Research Arm Fortisimo has spent several years developing the FF and will place it in fifteen of the 40mm platinum-case ref. 5750 Advanced Research Minute Repeater Clock.

The watchmaker says his new system, for which Patek Philippe has registered three patents, essentially creates a fancy way for the word to reach the wearer’s ears. The new model hammer struck directly from the design of Patek Philippe’s famous caliber R 27 PS (since 1989) hits a titanium ring in a traditional manner. Then the new ‘Fortissimo ff’ module takes on the responsibility of amplifying the tones.

The new design sends the gong oscillations to the sapphire wafer, which, unlike a traditional repeater, is not attached to the case and vibrates automatically. It effectively amplifies the sound by opening four at 12, 3, 6, and 9 in the titanium ring. A dust filter protects movement.

As mentioned, according to Patek Philippe, the sound of a clock can be heard up to 180 feet away from the clock. Traditional repeaters become almost hard to hear when listening thirty feet away from the clock.

Platinum case and material

Since the sound waves created using the new ‘Fortisimo FF’ technology never touch the watch case, the watch case does not affect the metal sound.

However, Patek has made several metallic changes to the Philip Movement design when compared to the slide-activated ref. 5178-minute repeater, which served as inspiration for the new ref. 5750

Replaces the original model found in a Platinum mini-rotor Cale. R27. With its larger component density, the Platinum version provides the same winding power but with a slimmer design.

The watch maker has replaced the steel hammer found on the ref. 5178-minute repeater with platinum hammer, which creates a soft strike. In addition, a platinum mini-rotor replaces the original model gold rotor. With its larger component density, the Platinum version provides the same winding power but with a slimmer design.

Contemporary dial

The Patek Philippe tops its new watch with an open-work dial of contemporary design that is quite different from the watchmaker’s typical classical minute repeater dial.

The watchmaker claims that the 1960’s automobile spoke wheels inspired the watch’s skeletal dial. The initial dial is inserted with a second subdial with a similar pattern. And in another break from the Patek Philip tradition, the dial of the second one points in seconds using a rotating disk instead of the traditional hand.

The watch is set with a glossy orange alligator strap with black seams and a platinum fold-over clasp. Patek Philippe will make fifteen platinum-cased refs. 5750 “Advanced Research” minute repeater. Price on request.

For additional technical details and several great videos about Patek Philip Reef. 5750 Advanced Research Minute Repeater, click here.

Technical chronology

Below we list the technological breakthroughs of the Patek Philip Advanced Research Division since the first results in 2005.

2005: Silinver, a novel, patented material based on monocrystalline silicon. It has been developed in collaboration with Neuch√Ętel’s Rolex, The Swatch Group, and CSEM and is suitable for watchmaking applications. Also in 2005: The first escape wheel in Silver. This new part improves reliability as it does not require any lubricant. It also reduces the mass to move (improved efficiency), is corrosion-resistant and stays perfectly concentrated.

2006: Spiromax Balance Spring in Silver, which optimizes rate accuracy by improved isocronism for concentric breathing (expansion and contraction) of the balance spring.

2008: Pulsomax Escape in Silver, which optimizes the geometry of the escape wheel and lever and increases energy efficiency by 15%.

2011: Oscillomax ensemble (Pulsomax escapement with GyromaxSi balance and Spiromax balance spring) ?.

2017: Optimized Spiromax Balance Spring. Also, steel correctors with a loyal mechanism. It uses the elasticity of the material in the microstructure and replaces the articulation with pivot and leaf springs. This technological development offers many advantages: simplified assembly (12 parts as opposed to the previous 37), flat design, no mechanical play, no friction, no arbor wear, resulting in completely lubricant-free functionality and excellent energy efficiency.

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