Q&A with Saul Freeman, master jewelry designer at Grandview Klein Diamond Group

We sat down with Saul Freeman, a master jewelry designer at the Grandview Klein Diamond Group, to discuss diamonds and trends in the industry.

Freeman’s career in the industry began 50 years ago as an apprentice to a jewelry maker, then Saul became acquainted with the diamond industry where he provided small “fancy shaped” stones to jewelry makers and designers. Saul later opened “Rolling Stone Diamond Co.” Which became “Freeman Associates” which specializes in unique and unusual matching pairs of side stones as well as fancy colored diamonds. Not long after, he joined the Grandview Klein Diamond Group, and the rest was history.

  • When did you first start designing jewelry? Or, are you always on that side of the business?

    • I started designing about 35 years ago after spending many years supplying diamonds to designers and high-end diamond jewelry makers.

  • How about working and designing for one of the most respected diamond makers?

    • Working at Grandview Klein has been an amazing experience. Having access to a vast inventory of diamonds is like having a baby in a sweet shop. I can play with the rarest and most expensive diamonds in the world. Beyond that, having the ability to work with both the customer and the world-renowned designer is incredible and seeing a piece of jewelry coming together from start to finish that can become a family legacy for the next generation, a feeling that is hard to describe. .

  • Jesse is coming to Vegas. Do you think the featured trend will be on the show this year?

    • Since Kovid people feel the new importance of family and the feeling of spending time together. Now that they’ve dropped their sweat pants and slippers, people are starting to dress up again, and we see that they’ve made a huge comeback with Rivera necklaces, straight line bracelets and especially diamond studs. For more specific designs, oval, rectangular emeralds and bright cuts are something you can’t keep in stock. Another powerful fashion that is rapidly emerging is the yellow diamond, the yellow necklace, the yellow ring, the yellow eternity band and so on. Everything about yellows is fast becoming the next big trend. Aside from the design aspect of working with yellow diamond jewelry, I really believe yellow jewelry has a lot of value, which was stagnant for a while and just started roaring. Consumers who have a keen eye for upcoming trends are taking advantage and capitalizing on the current low price of yellow jewelry. Another comeback we see on social media with celebrity, influential and generally young generation is “Toi et Moi” jewelry, meaning “you and me,” is one of the most historic ring setting styles that symbolizes love story and partnership. . It’s a fun piece to wear as a stacked, cocktail ring, and women are self-purchasing these rings because they like the style and it’s a fun way to express their own unique style.

  • Is there anything you want to add?

    • Since we work with many designers and brands, we get to see the style and trends in front of most people. It gives us a major start and gives our clients the opportunity to point in the right direction.

Grandview Klein Diamond Group will be in Venice on June 8-13 at the Jesse ‘Luxury’ show in Las Vegas.

Be sure to stop by the LUX515 booth at the beginning of the show so you don’t miss the full selection.

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