Shower your dad with these amazing gift ideas for 2023

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Shopping for Father’s Day is always a great and challenging adventure because it involves picking a gift for a beloved family member while also making sure that you choose something that they will actually love and use regularly.

We’ve collected a few options here that are guaranteed to be loved and put to good use by dad.

Picture aura

Keep all of Dad’s precious memories in one place with the Aura Carver Mat, a minimalist digital frame inspired by modern architecture This freestanding landscape frame features a color-calibrated 10.1” HD display and is easy to set up and add photos from anywhere with the Aura app. You can even surprise dad by regularly adding photos to it.

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Keep dad connected on the go with the Nokia T20 tablet, a device optimized for life with a long battery life, fast charging options and the ability to seamlessly and easily watch movies without skipping work meetings. A beat. Whether you’re watching a work presentation on the go, or just relaxing at home with a movie, every detail will look fantastic. It’s also blue light certified so it’ll protect dad’s eyes during the day and on those late-night movie marathons on the go.

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As the guardian of their home, the father always wants to make sure that the house is safe for the family. Canary Pro helps him keep a watchful eye on his home while he’s out on the town, away at the office, or leaving the older kids behind to run a quick errand. Canary cameras have a built-in climate and air quality monitor so dad can monitor the thermostat and air quality, as well as two-way talk to chat with the family or pup if needed.

Photo of Ferrari

Make dad feel like he’s part of the racing team with Ferrari: Inside and Outside, the book that shows the world of Formula 1 through the lens of two legendary photographers and the contributions of iconic figures including Piero Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo, Stefano Domenicali, Jean Todt and legendary designer Mauro Forghieri. The book is edited by internationally renowned Formula 1 commentator and Michael Schumacher biographer James Allen.

Photographed by Balum

Long gone are the days when beauty and self-care were reserved for women. Now dads experience best-in-class dermatological technology with the Bellum Face Massager that combines microcurrent and vibrating functions to reach deep into hard-to-reach facial muscles, beneath the surface layers of the skin. Microcurrent therapy sends low-voltage electrical currents, which mimic natural currents, through the superficial layers of your skin, down to the facial muscles to work the muscles. Microcurrents stimulate collagen production to improve facial contours and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Photo of verification

To compliment the face massager, start dad with a routine for healthy and glowing skin. Verify Core Trip Gift Set with Ultra-Hydrating Self Absorbed Facial Moisturizer, a Power Trip Facial Serum, that gently exfoliates and hydrates skin. And to finish, the award-winning 20/20 Eye Cream dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Photo taken by Kiaura

Keep dad cool and his eyes protected with KIAURA Eyewear, a line of sunglasses inspired by the luxury and coastal energy of Southern California. Available in four distinctive styles, dads will love The Lautner, honoring the legacy of famed American architect, John Lautner, or The Kaufman, inspired by Richard Neutra’s Kaufman House in Palm Springs.

Picture inside

Andar The Apollo is a unique wallet that truly takes the classic to the next level With a modern take on the traditional bifold, this wallet features a unique pull tab on the back and a quick access notch on the front so dad can have easy access to all his essentials.

Photo by Hosle Woodworks

There is something magical about beautifully crafted woodwork and dad is sure to love Hosle Woodworks decor pieces. This featured tray is made of Baltic Birch Europly and multiple sheets are laminated together, then edge turned, creating a special sheet of wood. When wood trays are carved, the “waves” of plywood layers create an incredibly satisfying effect. The tray stands perfectly as a sculptural decor item, it can be used as a catch-all tray, or even for serving snacks.

Photo by Simply Press

Give the gift of simple and pure coffee every morning with Simply Press. Forget those devices that are difficult to use and require many steps! Simply Press gives dad a perfect coffee every morning in 3 minutes without the hassle of programming or finding the right setting.

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Give him a shower of love by gifting him the Brondel Nabia Core, an innovative shower head that reduces water usage by up to 50% while giving dad a luxurious and indulgent shower experience. It has 4 unique and powerful spray modes to satisfy every preference. Removable spray wand and secure magnetic mounting dock add versatility and convenience.

Photo Honeydew

Make him feel the most comfortable with the Honeydew Sleep Body Pillow. This ultimate luxury body pillow will help dad relax more and sleep better, with proper body alignment by reducing stress on knees and hips, so he wakes up rested and refreshed.

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Bring Dad to the ultimate level of zen with Senset, a division that calms the fight, flight or freeze response and conditions the body to self-regulate and manage future stressors. In 10 minutes a day, this little device will help dad prioritize his mental health and even calm deep-seeded fears like the fear of flying.

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