The D-Cave Computron enters the Buluva metavers with LEDs

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Bulova has partnered with the online gaming community and marketplace D-Cave to create two new versions of the Bulova Digital-Display Computron LED Watch Reboot.

Both new computer D-Cave models incorporate new visual concepts inspired by the gaming world, and a special edition features an exhibition mineral crystal case top that displays a gaming circuit board.

The Computron is a futuristic trapezoidal-case watch that Bulova originally debuted in the late 1970’s and was relaunched in 2019 with a steel and gold case and a blue or red LED display.

New Bulova Computer D-Cave with special edition model on the right.

These newer models have a smooth black IP stainless steel case with mineral crystals that protect the bright green accents of the LED. The green LED on the front displays the digital clock and minute with dual time function. Bulova attaches a three-piece strap to a black silicone strap case.

Special Edition Bulova D-Cave Computer LED.

The special edition of the watch holds a black IP case but adds a green acid-HD case-side decor inspired by a gaming circuit board and computer tower at the top. This special edition watch will be available for those who purchase an NFT via D-Cave.

Bulova will present the watch in a custom box with elements of the D-Cave design featuring a QR code that will guide users to the dedicated Bulova-D-Cave space in Descentraland.

Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watch America, said, “For more than 145 years, Bulova has been innovating and exploring new worlds.” Allows access. “

Price: $ 450.

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