The Neonyt fashion show captivates the sustainable fashion scene in Frankfurt

Under the theme “Biosphere-Technosphere”, the Neonite fashion show has embraced the interaction between mankind and the environment as its theme; Water, air and earth elements collide with our industrialized, digitalized world. 31 multi-brand looks and about 50 brands on a multimedia runway have shown the future of (sustainable) fashion.

The focus of the Neonit Fashion Show was on the connection between nature and its water, air and earth elements and everything that humans create – from infrastructure to architecture, art to agriculture and the digital world. The combination of these seemingly controversial issues stretched across the entire spectrum to the present epoch, the ethnographic epoch, where humans have become one of the most important factors influencing biological, geological, and atmospheric processes on Earth.

Under the theme “Biosphere-Technosphere”, the recent Neonite fashion show has taken up the interrelationship between mankind and the environment as a topic; Water, air and earth elements collide with our industrialized, digitalized world. 31 multi-brand looks and about 50 brands on a multimedia runway have shown the future of (sustainable) fashion.

Magdalena Shaffrin, founder and CEO of Studio MM04, said: “In conceptual terms we have connected the world both in staging and biologically in the appearance of sculpture, showing pieces of contemporary avant-garde and outstanding collections.”

Designed by Neonyt Fashion Show Studio MM04 and commissioned by Messe Frankfurt. Participating in the presentation was natural-cosmetic brand Dr. Houshka. The Neonite fashion show features 31 multi-brand looks – from small independent brands and newcomer labels to internationally established brands, designer pieces, curated by well-known stylist Claudia Hoffman, the organizers said in a press release.

At the show, the biosphere was presented primarily through silhouettes and structures, as well as by organic and regenerative materials, from which a large portion of the collection parts were produced. Thus, only organically grown or more sustainable reproductive material was allowed at the Neonite fashion show, which helps preserve valuable resources such as clean water, energy and land, thus contributing to a healthier ecosystem.

The technosphere, which by definition includes humans, was illustrated by the show’s integration of the real world with the digital world through large LED screens, where digital content can be seen, as well as close-ups and super-impressions of appearance. The collections on the show cover a wide range of technological cycle themes such as the recyclable or recyclable chemical fibers of the technosphere, the clean use of chemicals or the Cradle2Cradle concept. Apparently, the technosphere is depicted in glossy and reflective surfaces and in sportswear and outdoor styles.

In all, about 50 brands show 31 looks where the established label and the upcoming Avant Garde have a range of brands, including I Komoto, Akzumi, Andy Wolf, Anna Aras, Antje Pugnat, Aris, Aide, Chika Takahashi, Clean Waves, Damur, Ecoloff, Fed Out Label, Falke, Florentina Leitner, Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather, Hell Hell Studio, Casey Dubic, Lanias, Laura Gerte, Mason Baum, Maximilian Mug, MCM X Selassie, Pinot Pauce, , Nightboutique, PB 0110, Plas Collective, Pool Berlin, Provincia Studio, Save the Duck x Edward Crutchley, Official Souvenir x Garlic, Spaccio Maglieria, Spatz Hutdesign, Timberland, Tiziano Guardini, Tizz & Tonic, Trakatan, Tribal, Hotel Oil-Titi Coivula, Unusual, Virginia Evangelist, Vyron, Vitelli, Vladimir Karaliv and Wonderwork.

The audience included people from industry and government, and industry insiders from the fashion and sustainable sectors. Buyers, designers and artists alike were present, as well as (international) trade presses, daily newspapers, fashion magazines, content creators, TV and radio.

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