Top 5 Best Sellers – Oval-Shaped Engagement Rings

Oval-shaped engagement rings have been gaining popularity in recent years, and it’s no wonder why. With an elegant and timeless design, oval engagement rings offer a unique and sophisticated look that makes them a great alternative to traditional round diamonds.

Whether looking for a classic or contemporary design, an oval engagement ring is a great choice. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best-selling oval engagement rings on the market and some tips for choosing the perfect oval engagement ring.

Why choose an oval?

Oval-shaped diamonds are extremely shiny due to their brilliant cut, making them a desirable choice. The elongated shape is also flattering on the hand, making it an excellent choice for an engagement ring.

The recent increase in their popularity is due in part to their unique and elegant appearance. They have a higher surface area, which means they look larger than a round, and they are more affordable than other fancy-shaped diamonds.

Oval is a stylish choice, holding a round traditional soft aesthetic but with a unique contemporary appeal.

1 delicate band

Oval-shaped stones look gorgeous in delicate engagement ring bands like The Camellia and Pave Camellia. The thin band enhances the visual size of the stone and works with its long shape to elongate and flatter the hand.

Single-stone settings are returning to popularity this year. The classic solitaire look is sleek and effortless, and its timeless appeal looks great with an elegant oval.

Each of these settings features a hidden halo that elevates the stone and adds sparkle from every angle. Pavé bands introduce endless sparkle, celebrating delicate silhouettes while adding interesting movement from every angle.

2 diamond studded settings

Diamond-encrusted bands are always popular, but none top the best-seller lists like The Penelope.

Combining a delicate band of diamond-encrusted sparkle, the Penelope is a unique and playful engagement ring setting. Round brilliant diamonds add movement to the band, elevating the look from a simple solitaire.

Incredibly thin bands make an oval stone seem floating. The elongated shape is ideal for stacking, reaching over a wedding band and bringing two rings together.

3 Unique and modern

Unique and unexpected engagement ring settings like The Twig have a very modern feel. The nature-inspired band is full of texture and movement that grabs your attention and won’t let go.

The delicate band features two sparkling side stones that add a touch of elegance and symmetry while the twisting branches give the ring an ethereal feel. The contemporary band is set off a classic-split shank giving it a timeless feel.

An unconventional engagement ring mixed with modern stone choices like the oval gives the band a youthful and fresh energy. Etsy, Pinterest, and Buzzfeed all agree that Twig is an unforgettable bestseller.

4 Classic Fairy Tales

The Nellie engagement ring with an oval-shaped diamond combines the soft delicate lines of a classic solitaire with a sprinkle of a little fairytale magic.

A hidden halo at the base of the diamond elevates the stone to a new level. It’s a playful twist on classic solitaire with the whimsical appeal of a Disney princess ring. The timeless appeal of its sleek lines perfectly matches the subtle yet unique silhouette of an oval.

Solitaire and single-stone settings are trending right now. Nellie is a unique setting choice with an underrated appeal and a touch of classic glamour.

5 round and marquise sidestones

The sparkling appeal of an oval-shaped diamond meets two other classic stones in this best-selling diamond-encrusted setting engagement ring.

Lindsay features circular, and marquis cut stones along its ridges. The combination creates a very elegant look. Sparkling stones add plenty of sparkle while their shapes work together to guide your eye towards the oval. The smooth lines have a soft feel that brings out the magic of the stone.

Lindsay pairs perfectly with every wedding band. The matching stones come together in a perfect set, creating a modern feel with timeless style. An elongated oval stone with a chevron elongates the look, while round and marquise stones add continuous brilliant sparkle.

Tips for choosing the perfect oval

Selecting the perfect oval-shaped diamond is not as difficult as you might think. The stone’s bright sparkle makes it quite forgiving, so you’re sure to find a gorgeous stone within your budget.

Start by figuring out what that budget looks like. This will help you narrow down your options.

Consider diamond quality using the 4Cs:

  • Cutting is the most important factor. Look for a bright stone with lots of sparkle and little to no dark spots
  • Always choose a stone that looks colorless. You can usually find one in the GH range.
  • Always select an eye clean diamond. Look for a stone with no visible scars. You can find a quality stone with a clarity rating in the VS range.
  • Consider your style. Do you prefer a more traditional look or a more contemporary one?

One more word in the oval

Oval engagement rings are a beautiful and unique option for those looking for something different from the traditional round diamond. With their elegant and timeless design, ovals offer a sophisticated look that stands out.

If you’ve been eyeing oval engagement rings, these best-sellers are a great place to start. Whether you’re looking for a classic or more contemporary design, an oval can be an elegant and affordable choice.

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