UK designer Saul Nash has won the 2022 International Ulmark Award

Saul Nash has been named the winner of the 2022 International Ulmark Award at a special ceremony in London. MMUSOMAXWELL has been awarded the Carl Lagerfeld Prize for Innovation. The winners each receive ongoing support from AU $ 200,000 and AU $ 100,000, respectively, as well as Industry and Ulmark Prize retail partners.

Ben Gorham, Carin Wrightfeld, Edward Eninfull OBE, Ibrahim Kamara, Mark Newson CBE, Nadez Vanhi-Sibulski, Naomi Campbell, Peter Muliar, Ricardo TC, Shaoway Yeh, Siniad Burke and Tim Blank were selected by experts.

“It’s great to see the ever-changing fashion as young dynamic creators from Africa to China to the UK are supported and nurtured around the world. Anyone who knows me will know that I have been supporting young talents at every opportunity, so I am very happy to be a part of this initiative, “said Naomi Campbell. “Everything about the wool industry is self-supporting. It’s about sharing the farm’s natural resources with their sheep wellness. I’m glad to be involved with Ulmark. “

Saul Nash has been named the winner of the 2022 International Ulmark Award at a special ceremony in London. MMUSOMAXWELL is still celebrating after being awarded the Carl Lagerfeld Award for Innovation. The winners each receive ongoing support from AU $ 200,000 and AU $ 100,000, respectively, as well as Industry and Ulmark Prize retail partners.

In partnership with the Isamu Noguchi Foundation and the Garden Museum, this year’s International Ulmark Awards celebrated the art of playing. The submerged London final showroom was inspired by Isamu Noguchi’s sculptural plaques that offer a radical possibility for physical and social interaction, featuring a collection of seven finalists with colorful, architectural displays. The showroom also features sculptures of the artist’s two iconic original plays. Each six-look merino wool collection was a true celebration of pioneering-thinking design, experimenting with textiles, design and responsible business practices for change and innovation for the ultimate, bright future, The Ulmark Company said in a press release.

London-based designer Saul Nash has been praised for his modern use of merino wool, filling a gap between proactive solutions and more formal requirements.

“Everyone did a great job and could have been a winner,” said Ricardo TC. “But what Saul did, replacing Lycra with wool from a ballet background was really incredible.”

In the true sense of the word, this collection exposes Nash to the benefits of active wear in merino wool, which allows him to create materials that improve his design quality without compromising their technical DNA. With a focus on minimizing waste, and with an emphasis on mobility and performance, Nash’s modern interpretation of knitwear challenges preconceived notions surrounding sportswear.

From South Africa, MMUSOMAXWELL’s winning collection is committed to reducing its environmental impact and enhancing traditional craftsmanship.

“When you meet certain people, you fall in love at first sight,” explained Carin Wrightfeld. “I love what MMUSOMAXWELL is doing and how they interpret their work. They have a dream and what they are doing is not just for South Africa, but for a modern, western woman. I think Carl would love to talk to them today and I’m sure. He will be happy to give them this award. “

Local raw material sourcing and end-to-end production, MMUSOMAXWELL has adopted an artisan approach in its collection. Each item encourages slow and small batch production through the use of local artisans to combat the over-use epidemic and allows for larger product searchability. The jury praised the design pair for their passion, courage and commitment to the South African makers to introduce a new skill set.

Celebrating an outstanding contribution from a trade partner, this year’s Supply Chain Award was presented to the Netherlands-based Knitwear Lab. A research and knowledge center for innovative, design-driven and sustainable knitwear solutions, the Knitwear Lab was recognized for its contribution to the International Ulmark Awards and for providing access to technology and R&D to specifically emerging brands in flat-bed knitting. In their need. Standout development includes innovative 100 percent merino wool fabrics made with the winning Saul Nash – such as a compression wool hybrid jersey / airtex mesh net or a double-faced jersey with integrated mesh hole – providing high stretch, strength and breathability. By These groundbreaking garments allow Saul Nash to bring his vision to life. Knitwear Lab has further enhanced her relationship with finalist Ahluwalia, exploring her concept of Nollywood through the Ahluwalia brand’s innovative knitwear.

The final seven for this year’s award are Ahluwalia, UK; EGONLAB, France; Jordan Dallah, Australia; MMUSOMAXWELL, South Africa; Peter Doe, USA; RUI, China; And Saul Nash, United Kingdom. Each product demonstrates its commitment to excellence, innovation, transparency, sustainability and inclusion in the supply chain.

Woolmark Company’s Innovation Academy has finally provided a powerful education and mentoring program that offers designers unparalleled access to international Woolmark Award partners, manufacturers and consultants across supply chains supporting product development, research, business and sustainable strategies. The program encourages more meaningful and sustainable product results for both designers and manufacturers. Also, each finalist accomplished a general objective sustainability policy and roadmap as part of a commitment to better industry practice.

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