Zodiac revives Olympos

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Although Zodiac is best known for its dive watches, the company’s long history includes making watches for all kinds of military or civilian adventures. One of those designs, the Olympus, is a field watch Zodiac originally created in 1961.

From the beginning, Olympus stood out from traditional Swiss design with its distinctive, six-sided, manta-ray-shaped case and a crown located at 2 positions.

The new Zodiac Olympus Field closely echoes the Zodiac, a military version developed for the British Royal Navy in the late 1960s.

The watch, nicknamed ‘Manta’, has been a best-seller for Zodiac for many years, with both dress models and even sportier accents. Many may feel that the Zodiac has redecorated the Olympos in 2018 with several decoration options.

In late 2022 Zodiac updated the collection with a decidedly more austere version, the Olympus Field, a design that most closely echoes the military version Zodiac created for the British Royal Navy in the late 1960s.

The new model features a new contoured steel case and stronger water resistance, now rated at 200 meters. The new watch echoes the military look of traditional field watches, with easy-to-read, illuminated numerals and black or dark green textured dial options.

The green-dialed model comes on a sharp-looking light brown leather strap lined with sporty white stitching. The dark model, with its black dial, comes with a dark brown strap lined with white stitching.

And like the recently released Super Sea Wolf Ceramic, the new Zodiac Olympus Field is powered by the automatic STP 1-11 movement that protects it with a hard case adorned with the Zodiac logo.


Zodiac now offers its new Olympus Field watch available at zodiacwatches.com. Price: $895.

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